The Art of Love & Money A Million Different Colors

Your Paint Pallet

Go on, and get that paint pallet ready – dip into the azure, take a bit of that coral and use the emerald, too.  Don’t reserve the marigold for a special occasion.  While you are at it take some of the tangerine and the cobalt and don’t forget the fuchsia.

I came across this quote and it stirred something inside of me.  I don’t know what it will bring, or what it may lead me to do, but I hope that it inspires and stirs something inside you as well.

Don’t be a shade of gray.  Don’t be so stark as black and white.  Be Bold.  Be Beautiful. Ce Colorful.  Let your light shine.  Paint with all the colors in your pallet.  Dust off that old Crayola crayon box.  Color outside the lines.