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Work with me

Know Your Numbers

Coaching for female entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level.

I coach female entrepreneurs who want to use their current income to reach the next level. I help them decide how to pay themselves, live the lifestyle they want, and invest in what’s next.

Money doesn't have to be hard,

or stressful, or limiting.

 Unfortunately what I’ve found is that many of us learned about money in a way that’s shameful, restrictive, or limiting. We learned that if we want to be successful we need to stop spending and start saving.
We’ve been told that we should live beneath our means, sacrifice, stop having so much fun and stash it away for a rainy day.We

What do we do?

We ignore our numbers.


We treat our budgets just like we do our diets.

If you’ve ever painstakingly shimmied into your favorite skinny jeans inch by inch – instead of easily gliding into them – you were probably much more likely to avoid the scale for fear of feeling like you “should” turn down the second round of margaritas with your girlfriends and skip the chips and queso all together.
It’s the same with our money.
We all have a comfortable number that we hope to see when we log in to our bank accounts. If we’re well above that number, its no holds barred. If we dip below that number we freak ourselves out.
But managing our money that way makes it hard to get ahead.
It makes it difficult to get beyond our current reality. It feels impossible to reach our goals.
Because no matter how much money we’re bringing in, there’s never enough left over to save for the future, or take us to the next level.

Imagine instead:

  • Your bills are paid automatically each month without stressing over it.
  • You confidently charge your clients for results they love and services you love to provide.
  • You spend guilt-free on things you used to consider out of reach – things like a new computer, a summer vacation in France, and a weekly date night out.

Being rich isn't just about having more money in the bank.

It's about knowing what you want the money to do for you.

When you’re clear on your values and your priorities you can focus your time, money, and energy on them.

You can create the life that you want.

As your coach, I help you get a handle on your money while still enjoying your life in the moment.

We'll work together to:

  • Separate your personal and business accounts so you know where you stand at a glance.
  • Review and track your revenue, expenses, taxes and profit. No more waiting for the end of the year reports to see if you’re profitable!
  • Develop spending habits that enhance your lifestyle.
  • Ongoing support and accountability as you explore new money mindsets, habits, and routines.

You'll go from always feeling behind...

to always being ahead.

From feeling guilty about what you've spent...

to being proud of where your money went.

From feeling like money is hard...

to knowing your money flows easily.

Investment: $3,500 over 6 months