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You’re a Life Coach or a Creative Solopreneur

You have enough money to meet your needs but you wish someone would show you exactly how to be confident in your financial decisions and pay yourself first so you can and enjoy your life more and focus on your craft .

You’re not exactly sure how you should be spending it and it feels too big to get a handle on by yourself.

You’re determined to pay off the credit card this year. For real this time.

You want to be smart with your money.

You Started Your Business With a Big Vision in Mind

You haven’t gotten serious about saving for retirement. You hit pause on investing when you left your job and you worry it’s collecting dust. You have enough to meet your needs and you’re fairly comfortable, but you started your business with a big vision in mind… and you want more. You’re wondering if you’re doing it right. You want to confidently click ‘place order’ when you shop for luxuriously soft organic bed sheets, the perfect al fresco dining set to transform your backyard, or try out a meal delivery service full of organic, fresh produce.

You’ve also got your eye on some gorgeous home renovations.

Shouldn’t This Have All Sorted Itself Out by Now?

It’s time to get serious. You’ve got more clients than you’ve ever had before but there’s no clear vision – how will you ever know when you’ve “made it”?

You know if focused you could make better progress.

But when it comes right down to it, all of your creative juices are focused on your clients, not searching for the hottest money management apps.

You’d rather spend your time and energy on anything but looking at your inadequate money habits.

You’d take up yoga, mediate for more than 5 minutes, learn a new language, indulge in an aperitif lunch with your girlfriends, or simply enjoy upward facing view of the treetops from your hammock.

Imagine You Have a Steady Weekly Income

Imagine you have a steady weekly income based on the clients you’re already serving and your unique priorities – not some fictitious “$10K per month” number.

Your bank balance gives you the warm fuzzies because you know that this month’s – and next month’s bills – are covered. You are Legit in business. Badass AF.

You enjoy dinner out. You order an appetizer and the craft cocktails, and still have plenty to cover next week’s grocery run at Whole Foods.

You’re coming up on the last payment on those dreaded student loans that got you that damn job you couldn’t stand.

Next up – you’ve got your eye on the weekly massage package. You’re here for it.

Hi, I’m Rachelle.​

I help life coaches and creative solopreneurs who want to be smart with their money.

They have enough money to meet their needs, but want someone to show them exactly how they can take more money home and feel confident in their financial decisions so they can focus on what they love.

I show them how to make their money work for them so that they can spend more time doing what they love.

Profit + Flow

6 months of personalized 1:1 access to your very own money mentor where you’ll go from feast or famine to steady and reliable cash flowing in and out of your bank account.

Results You Can Take to The Bank

  • A business with work you love, and money for your goals
  • Pride and excitement of paying yourself and knowing exactly what the money will do for you and your family before it walks through the door
  • Cash stacked aside ready for quarterly income tax installments
  • Dedicated savings accounts for what you, personally, desire – a home remodel, a rebrand with a fresh website, or a shiny new laptop.

You Get Everything You Need to Thrive With Profit + Flow

Everything you need to set up your personal and professional finances to run in a steady flow without ever having to white-knuckle your way through it. You show up. We do this. You go on your merry way.

  • 14 one:one personalized sessions where we take step by step actions + tighten up your personal and business finances
  • We’ll meet weekly for the first 5 sessions at your dedicated time so you get clear on your money + lock in your new habits
  • After that, we meet every other week so you can continue to build money habits + routines over time in a way that feels easy + breezy

I don’t just provide you with templates and send you away with more to-do (that you’ll never get around to downloading). I do it FOR you on our calls so you can watch, learn, and then I then turn it over to you, along with recorded video so you can maintain them into the end of time. That’s right. You’ll be able to use these systems to up-level over and over again.

I’ve Got Your Back​

I know what you want – money in the bank without obsessing over it. You want to set aside a portion of your income for profit, taxes, and consistent take-home pay. Some people say you just have an expensive hobby, but you and I both know it’s your purpose and you have unlimited potential. All you need is a little support. I’ve got what you need – simple habits and routines and a fun way to get sih done so you can kick back and enjoy your hammock and your summer reading list. You can finally break the feast or famine cycle.

Let’s Re-Write Your Money Story

Investment: $6000 over 6 months​.

Payment plans available.

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Get What You Want

My clients have done things like install a kegerator in their office, take a family vacation to Paris, or work remotely from London.

My first client is now making double the income in half of the time as she did in her full-time day job – at home with her young son in tow.

One client who was making under $38,000 as a life coach is now making over $300,000 in annual revenue – and is aiming for half a million dollars this year.

You got next.

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