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Track Your Net Worth – Fill in Your Numbers

Happy Wednesday ~ I hope your week is going well and that you are enjoying summer!

Last week you downloaded your free net worth tracker and personalized it to your own unique situation.  If you didn’t do that already The Art of Love & Money Net Worth Tracker FREE Download now.


The Art of Love & Money Net Worth Tracker
The Art of Love & Money Net Worth Tracker = Instructions – Assets
The Art of Love & Money Net Worth Tracker – Instructions – Liabilities

This week, work on filling in the numbers.  The easiest, most up-to-the minute way to do this is to log on to each of your accounts and plug in the numbers as you go.

Have a scratch pad of paper handy to take notes.

You may want to write down your passwords as you reset them, if need be.

You may also want to take note of any to-do items you run into as you go.  Let’s say that you can’t get instant online access to one account or you got locked out for too many password fails, just make a not on your to-do list and keep going.

Don’t lose momentum.

For retirement and savings accounts, simply log in to each account and fill in the balance values for each account.

For vehicle values, look up Kelly Blue Book Value using an honest, modest valuation or the vehicle’s condition on a private sale.  This is what you would get if you sold it to another person – you don’t want to trade a vehicle in – that’s not how you get a good sale price. Check also Edmunds and AutoTrader. Use an average of the three or the lowest value for an accurate representation.  Cars lose their value quickly so you don’t want to over-inflate their value in your head.

For your home’s value, use the lowest sale price you can find either on Trulia, Zillow,, or your city’s tax assessment.  Housing prices can fluctuate rapidly so you don’t want to count on more equity than you will actually have at the time of the sale.  It’s best to plan for the low end, and hope for the high end when it comes to assets.

Questions/feedback? Please email me!  I want for this to be an awesome resource for you.

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ACTIONABLE STEP: Sit down with your favorite beverage and a good podcast or playlist and cruise through your numbers.  The easiest, most up-to-the-minute way is to log in to your online accounts and insert the numbers as you go.


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What does that look like?  I run the excel spreadsheet template, ask you to look up your numbers in a conversational manner and by the time we are done – you have a completed spreadsheet set up for life.  Just because I love ya and I want good things for you.