The Art of Love & Money Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

I’ve seen a total eclipse from every continent – including Antarctica. And it’s been a wonderful way to see the world. The eclipses take you to really unusual, off-beat places that you might not normally plan a vacation to, but they’re wonderful places to go.

Fred Espenak

I read the above quote from Fred Espenak, and I thought,

Wow, to have that kind of focused determined action….

To have accomplished that sort of a feat has taken hundreds of tiny little steps that have added up to a really impressive biography.

It demands focus, it takes determination, it requires action, but it also involves serendipity, the magical, lyrical ability to let life lead you where it may.

Imagine the stories he has, the places he has been, the people he has talked to that he never even imagined would be part of his journey.  All he knew was he wanted to see an eclipse.

That one follow-through action had him hooked, and then he acquired a telescope, later decided on a career path predicting the patterns of the eclipse, and he has now been to every continent, including Antarctica.

Imagine how his life may have been altered if the 7 year old boy had not been allowed to watch the eclipse, or if he had been sick, or if he had decided to watch television that day instead.

You never know where your curiosities will lead you –  so allow yourself to have some fun, allow yourself some curiosity, allow yourself some freedom from the path to explore your options and then when something grabs your attention, hold onto it with both hands and take action.  One step at a time.

Much respect to you, Frank Espenak, for first tracking the path of the eclipse, researching the travel options, booking a hotel room, saving the money, allocating the resources and time to travel, packing a bag, boarding a plane, learning a language – mostly all without Google, I would imagine…  I mean, really, when I read this, Wow.

What are my excuses for not traveling, for not doing what I love?

Do you think Frank will have any regrets at the end of his life?  Not many, I wouldn’t imagine.  He seems like the kind of guy who gets things done.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Think about what you love, what you love to do so much that you would do it if you got paid to do it or not, something that you would travel all over the world for the opportunity to do, something that you love so much that when people think about it, they think of you.  Just get out a sheet of paper and scribble them all down.  If you don’t have that one thing yet – no worries!  Just jot down things that you have always been curious about and go try them out.

Now think of ways that you can commit to doing more of those things.  Fill your life with things you love to do.