Art is a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation, the conscious use of talent and imagination, art is creativity.  Art is objective.  What is exquisite to you may be of no matter to me.

Love is a strong affection, an attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.  The connection that holds us all together, the community  and relationships that shape and alter of lives.  The comfort and support we offer one another.

Money is the currency by which we place value on all aspects of our life, the medium of exchange in appreciation of a day’s work or a coveted possession.  The freedoms of our choices and the stability of our status.

To me, success is the balance between money and love, creative output, our best laid plans that turn into memories. Life is the tight rope that we walk every day, doing our best at getting by, celebrating the moments that make it all worthwhile.  And for me, I think I need all three  – art, love, and money to create that rich life I am searching for.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Think about what each of these things mean to your idea of a rich, fulfilling life and think about one way you can strengthen these areas in your world.

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We will be breaking inspiration down into actionable steps and tracking our progress along the way.  This is not just another page to follow, it’s a community to take control of our lives on our own terms.

Rachelle Siebke