Hey, hey!  It’s Friday and the week is behind us.

How about a quick check-in.  Did you Tally Up Your Debts, Project Your Minimum Pay-off Date, and create a Debt Snow ball plan?

Email me for a copy of my spreadsheet or to become a case study, to introduce yourself, to say hello, to get some encouragement.

I want you to Find Your Why and to live a richer, more fulfilling life on your own terms.  Maybe that does not include becoming debt-free – and that’s okay, too.  You do YOU!  Just be on purpose, my friends.

ACTIONABLE STEPS: Start where you are!  Maybe today that’s just getting a notepad and pencil to get started, maybe it is getting caught up on the list below, or just reaching out to have a chat with me in the comments below or email me at artofloveandmoney@gmail.com.

Follow Up Friday To Do List The Art of Love & Money
Follow Up Friday To Do List The Art of Love & Money

Happy Friday!


Rachelle Magadan

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