The Admiration of Children The Art of Love & Money

The Affection of Children

I love, love, love children.  There is nothing so innocent, curious, creative, and pure as a child.  All things are new, exciting, and fresh adventure through a child’s eyes.

My husband and I spent the last 9 days caring for the littles in our lives while their parents worked or spent time together, recuperating from the real work of raising tiny humans.

I am proud to say, my husband and I do a damn good job loving the little people in our lives.  I truly think there is no greater blessing than a child and a child’s love and admiration.

Not all success is about the pocket book.  So get out there today and love the children in your life. If you have small children of your own at home, put down the phone, walk away from the chores,and get down to eye level with them.  Hear what they have to say.  They are miraculous.

If you don’t have small children in your home, reach out to family and friends and offer the parents in your life a much needed – and appreciated break!

Their children will adore you – for a simple trip to the playground – and their parents will too!


Make a list of the children in your life that you want to connect to, bond with, share your time and admiration with.  Then make plans to spend some time with them.  Take them to the playground or invite them to stay the night and make wonderful memories.  Kids don’t need a lot of money and fuss.  They want your time and undivided attention.