Government Bridge on Mississppi at Sunset

Take The Long Way Home

Government Bridge on Mississppi at Sunset

Last night was date night and it was one of those magical summer evenings that you never want to end. 

Some nights you just gotta put on some lipstick, a great winged liner, and a funky summer dress and sip a martini.

And, Girrrrrrrl, have I ever got some funky summer dresses.

There is a bridge in our town that opens for the barges to pass through.  Usually, people are in such a hurry to rush across the river that they’ll turn around and drive to the other side of town.

Not that they can get there any faster, mind you. 

But at least they are moving!

Mario and I have taken to turning off the car, getting out and walking along the footpath of the bridge to enjoy the view when we get stopped on the bridge.

Gorgeous, right?

In a world where all the tips and tricks are productivity hacks on how to squeeze more to-do’s into less time so that you can do more, I want to be the girl who encourages you to take the long drive home.

To roll down your windows.

To let your hair down.

 To turn your radio up.


To be the crazy couple who gets out of the car and strolls around taking in the breathtaking views of the river that you’ve crossed a million times since you were a little kid.

Actionable Step: Today, I’d like to challenge you to slow down, take the long way home and breathe in the beauty of the summer.