The Art of Love & Money Christmas Decorating red glittery ornament on tree

Holiday Decorating

Full swing into December – do you have your decorating done?

Decide what you MUST have. Maybe it’s a tree, maybe it’s a wreath, maybe it’s the nativity scene.

List them in order of importance to you and then set aside allotted times to do the most important ones first. If you run out of time and energy – maybe that’s okay. Give yourself permission to not have a perfectly decorated house if that’s not in the cards for whatever reason – time, budget, energy.

The Art of Love & Money Carry On

Packing Your Carry-on

For a long trip, I will always check a bag. I like to be able to bring all of my cosmetics and lotions and liquids. That said, the carry on will still hold some essentials.

Clothes for the next day in case your luggage gets lost.

Snacks for the plane. One bag of extra small peanuts or pretzels ain’t gonna do it.

Gum for chewing in the ascent/descent to keep ears for popping.

Any electronics or cameras – I like to keep these on my person.

The Art of Love & Money - Fall

Fall Has Arrived

The beauty of fall surrounds us with Nature’s own pallet. A crispness fills the air and a deep inhale brings bonfire smoke and the aroma of Barbecue. The bright afternoon sunshine warms us with a hard day’s work on our backs. We go to bed exhausted,spent but with a smile on our faces from the productive tasks accomplished. The leaves rustle on the ground, the cool air allows us the comforts of oversized sweater and cozy boots. The earlier darkness allows us to snuggle up with our loved ones, slow down, and catch up on our reading and our rest.

The Art of Love & Money Review Your Expenditures

Review Your Expenditures

Think of your budget as allocations in Maslow’s Pyramid. Start with your basic needs and then add your priority value sets from there.

Your goal is to do a Zero-based budget. All the money that comes in month by month gets allocated for how YOU chose to allocate your spending based on your priorities, your values. Until the amount that you Earn minus the amount budgeted to specific categories is equal to zero.