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Miriam’s Eyeliner Tutorial

Do you have issues with your eyeliner? I know that I do. I get one damn near perfect and then the next one is all wonky. Actually the second one is just as perfect (from a safe personal space distance)

Today I’m sharing one of Miriam’s You Tube videos teaching us how to conquer that wicked line with a liquid eye liner.


Meet Miriam

Miriam is a creative. She has multiple artistic platforms that she has recently began weaving together into one – let me share them with you here.

Miriam is smart, like, wicked smart. She’s ambitious, and she is gorgeous.

I mean just look at her!

Miriam is a mother of two, soon to be three. She is from Canada, and her husband is from Wisconsin. Her sister lives in England and Miriam has traveled to Europe multiple times.