“Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them,

but none are fun when you set about retiring them.”

-Ogden Nash

I know, the tallying of the debts is not nearly as fun as acquiring them.  But this is a step along the path.  So get our your pen and paper and tally them up.

Forgive yourself (and/or your spouse!) for these money missteps.  It’s how you learn.

On Wednesday we will be setting up a plan to pay it down.

Contact me to be a case study.

What’s with the case studies? I went through this process over 15 years ago.  I’d love to have more recent examples of how to start up this flow.  If you are interested in a free financial planning session, contact me artofloveandmoney@gmail.com.

ACTIONABLE STEP: Tally Up Your Debts. Reward yourself for taking that big step! Enjoy a long walk, a glass of  wine, a beer in the backyard, you pick the reward – just do it!  Then comment below – that you tallied up and what your reward was.

Rachelle Siebke