The Art of Love & Money Simple Steps for Tax Prep - Step 1

Simple Steps For Tax Prep – Step Two + Download

The Art of Love & Money Simple Steps for Tax Prep - Step 1

Simple Steps For Tax Prep – Step Two

I’m all about breaking big, nasty tasks down into small, manageable steps.  The tax prep series is designed to make you hate preparing to do your taxes less.  There’s no high-brow tax advice in here, it’s just put one foot in front of the other and get ‘er done tips and tactics.

The only point is to end your tax prep procrastination and make it not suck so much.

Ready?  Let’s go.

Last week, was the first step – get a plain manila folder and label it 2017.  Gather any documents that have been mailed to you that you know you will need to file your taxes.  If you didn’t do that, go back and do it now.

Step 2: Download Tax Organizer

Download my tax organizer template, customize to your unique scenario, print forms. Place in manila folder.


Crank up Spotify or Pandora.  I’m jamming to Iggy Azaela’s station right now – make it something upbeat, something you don’t usually listen to during your day.  Something with a little spark.

This one is a word document so that you can edit it.  The first page is any notes for yourself or your tax advisor that come up as you go.  For the W2 section, for instance, you’ll make a checkbox for everyone in the house who has a W2.  Our original copy has the employer’s names listed, or you can use your first names.  Keep in mind, using the employer name allows for multiple companies per person.

Continue on to each sheet of the document customizing as necessary.

Print & add the sheets to the manila folder from Step 1.

That’s it!  That’s all for today.  Come back next week for Step 3.

Actionable Step: Download tax organizer, customize , print. Place in manila folder.
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