The Art of Love & Money Simple Steps for Tax Prep - Step 1

Simple Steps For Tax Prep – Step Four

We’re wrapping up the tax prep series.  If you missed the first half of the series, go back to Step One, Two, and Three.  They are easy, breezy and you’ll be back here in no time flat.  If you’re new here, it’s all about taking small steps and ending the procrastination that keeps us from moving forward and doing what it is we need to do so that we can get back to living our life!

Today, put on your favorite podcast or Pandora station and get about the business of tracking down the items that you placed on your post-it note that you still need for your tax preparation.

For me, that is tracking down 1099-INT statements from our bank accounts, so I logged on to my accounts, downloaded the pdf and saved it to my tax documents folder, and then printed out to add to my manila folder in the appropriate section.

I will also be tracking down information from my daughter’s college expenses – text books, room and board, tuition, and withdraw documents from the Educational IRA.

I will also need to corner my husband for his side hustle mileage, receipts, 1099 statements, etc.

Whatever it is you need to track down, if you can get in online, download to a folder on your computer or an external hard drive, and then print it and add to your folder.

If you need to involve someone else to get the documents, ask them for it and tell them you need it within a couple of days.  Ask for a specific day and write it down on a post-it or an email so that they can remember all that you need when they get to it.

This is likely the most tedious task, so grit your teeth and get it done.  Celebrate your accomplishments!  Today is Friday so I’m gonna celebrate with a visit with the bestie and a glass of red wine.  Feels so good to get it done!

Step 4: Take the time to gather and find the rest of the documents you discovered you still need in Step 3.  If you need to ask others for their paperwork to file your taxes, make a list and give them a deadline.  Celebrate your work.


Rachelle Siebke