The Art of Love & Money Organize Your Financial Paperwork

Set Up a Financial File Box

Get all of your supplies ahead of time.

Long Financial File Box

Hanging File Folders

Manila folders

Avery File Folder Labels 8366

Avery Label Templates – Download.  Save an original as Read-only and then save another working document that you can customize as your own.  The Categories are BOLD and they will go on the hanging file folders.  The sub categories will be customized to your own individual names and circumstances; they will go on the manila folders inside the hanging file folders.  If you don’t have a particular category set up – but you will need to in the future start a blank folder to hold space for the future.  It will remind you that you still have tasks to complete.

Hope for a rainy Saturday morning.  Set all of your items out.

Take a before picture of your tangled documents.

Walk away & enjoy a cup of coffee.

Turn on Pandora and put on your favorite station.

Set up a long file folder box, with hanging file folders and printable labels.  In this box you will house your entire financial life. I started out with Smart Couples Finish Rich File Folders and have evolved it from there.  There is a lot of great information out there on how to organize paperwork, there is no one right way.  The right way is the way you will actually DO it, so keep that in mind.  Just start simple and build from there.

You can download my file folder templates here:




For More:

Finish Rich File System by David Bach

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ACTIONABLE STEP: Buy your supplies, download and customize your folder labels.


Would you like some help getting set up?

Send me an email to become one of my case studies.  If you are chosen, you will receive a free 15 minute session via skype I will help you set up your file box labels to meet your individual circumstances and cheer you on as you sort through your financial paper work, get organized, and take control of your financial systems.




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