Seldom is Wonderful

An rud is annamh is iontach.

Pronounced: On rud iss an-niv is ee-on-tach(k)

Translates: The thing that’s seldom is wonderful.

Isn’t it true that we, as humans quickly become accustomed to nice things and wanting things to fall a certain way (in our favor, for sure)?

But, I do believe that you can’t fully appreciated the beauty of the hills without the dark shadows of the valleys, that certain moments in life are more precious the fewer and farther they are in between.

For instance, my husband rarely buys me flowers.

I know! It’s baffling to me, too.  Since I love flowers more than anyone else I know.

There are women who get magnificent – large, artfully arranged flowers from their husbands so often that they sometime haven’t even cleared away the old vase before another one is delivered.

But not me.  I get flowers very rarely…

but when I do?


Even the grocery store bouquets are wonderful.

Maybe it’s when you drive to work and hit all of the green lights, or when your favorite uncle comes to town, maybe it’s when you get high praise from your boss.

May you experience something wonderful today,


ACTIONABLE STEP: Think about what is rare and wonderful in your world.  Maybe for you, it’s a snowfall.  We get snow often here in the Midwest and everyone’s favorite pass time is lamenting the cold weather, but if you live in Georgia and you get snow – Hooray for everyone – it’s a white Christmas!  Comment below what is rare but wonderful in your world.

I think it’s a great idea to learn something about the place you travel, to take a bit of the culture and sayings with you when you go.  Ireland is a land of many sayings and phrases.  The Gaelic language is not something that I picked up on – although I did look up how to say hello, thank you and goodbye before we departed for our travels, the only phrase that comes naturally to mind is Sláinte, which is said as “Cheers!” before a drink, but means “Good Health”.
I found all of these sayings after my trip, although I did have many an Irish man say different phrases and try to teach me how, repeat after him.  I, sadly, can not remember them.
 I looked these all up on the website Gaelic Matters.  I encourage you to go and read  through the website.  It is fantastically well done with a wealth of information on the Celtic culture and the Gaelic Language.  The Gaelic Language is in danger of becoming unknown and we were told while we were visiting that people are now enrolling their children into lessons to keep the language alive.
The old sayings are charming, full of wisdom and wit, and these Motivation Monday series are meant to honor the spirit of the people of Ireland.