Packing For a Long Trip

The Art of Love & Money Packing For a Long Trip
The Art of Love & Money Packing For a Long Trip


Plan on washing laundry half way through a long trip.  We are going for two weeks, so we are bringing 5 pairs of pants and 7 mix and match layering shirts.

I felt this trip requires 3 pairs of shoes – my flats, hiking/rain boots, and heels.

I’d usually try for one pair of shoes for a weekend trip.  My goal is to always have flats comfortable enough to wear anywhere, cute enough for any outfit.

But, this trip is 13 days in a rainy climate where we are planning on doing a lot of outdoor activity and strolling city streets, browsing museums, and dining in a castle.

I feel that requires heels.  And heels, not great for hiking.  And, I’d prefer a nice black flat to rain galoshes when I’m touring halls that are hundreds of years old.  So, three pair it is.

I’m also bringing two dresses.  I packed my heels in their shoes box and rolled my dresses up and packed them in the box along with my undergarments needed for the special occasion wear.

I rolled up 2 pair of leggings and 5 basic color tees and placed them in the mesh on the cover of the suit case.  I’ll also roll up 3 pairs of skinny jeggings, casual dress pants – gray, black, and burgundy.  And 2 pairs of jeans and 2 sets of active wear for hiking activities.

If you are counting with me, you know I am already way over my quota, but I’m on a roll, so let’s just continue…

I put 13 pairs of underwear and a few socks in a small mesh lingerie bag.  I’ll bring a second bag for dirty undergarments.  I’ll bring a mesh laundry bag for what will not be re-folded and re-worn.

We’ll be staying at a hotel for 3 nights about halfway through the trip.  We’ll send our laundry out in this bag the second day there.  It’s more expensive than washing it ourselves, but no hassle and less expensive than paying more for overweight luggage.

I’ve also got an a linens bag that our sheet set came in.  I saved that in my lingerie drawer for just such an occasion.  I packed all my lingerie and my swimsuit for hot tubs in this linen pouch.  That will also be stored in the mesh lining of the suit case.

All my sweaters and tops will be in the main compartment.

I’ll wear my bulkiest shoes on the plane along with my coat and a layered comfortable outfit for the plane ride.  Most likely black yoga pants and a long sleeve tee, cute but casual and cozy enough to sleep in, but chic enough stroll around town before check-in.

Your turn!  What are your best packing tips and tricks?  Have you mastered packing light?  How many shoes does one trip really need?

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