Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Word to the wise:  Don’t spend your time worrying.

It doesn’t help.

Spend your time preparing, fixing, planning, or sleeping.  Worrying never solved a damn thing – just left me drained and exhausted.  And also, resentful.

Let me save you some sleepless nights – Don’t Worry – DO.

And if there is nothing that you can DO, then do not worry – it’s not for you.

I first came across this scripture about ten years ago.  It hit me in the soul.  Like a gut check.


Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:34

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I was at my height of obsessive worrying.  It never solved anything, in fact, I often made matters worse obsessing and meddling where I did not belong, making mountains out of mole hills, creating issues where there were only my own insecurities.

It was ridiculous, but it fed my ego.

Oh, such an important mother you are, worrying and stressing over everyone and everything.  Clearly everyone needs for you to handle their problems for them.

You poor, exhausted soul.

Only, they didn’t.  And I set the worries aside, and oftentimes, the next day there were – lo and behold – no longer issues that needed to be solved, and there were new things to do and fill my time.  And I was productive because I wasn’t so expended from trying to solve fake problems.

It’s hilarious, really.  Unless you are still stuck there.  So, if that’s where you are, just let me reach out my hand to you and offer you a view from this hilltop, looking over the valley.  Because there are definite valleys coming, but there will be a hilltop on the other side.  And just knowing that helps me enjoy the ride.

Come enjoy the view,


ACTIONABLE STEP:  Think about your worries.  If there is something that can be done about them, roll up your sleeves, and stop procrastinating.  Start doing.  Start Planning.  Break it into small steps.  One a day.  By the end of the week, you’ll be so much closer to handling the thing that had you worried, and your worry will begin, slowly, to dissolve.