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Miriam’s Retro Makeup Tutorial

Hey, Ladies!  I hope you are enjoying the Holidays and Miriam’s make-up tips and tricks.

This simple retro look will be perfect for that little black dress at any holiday party you have on your calendar.

Because, life’s not all about assets and dividend classes, sometimes us girls just want to have fun and look good doing it!

This year, my work Christmas party is a Roaring ’20’s party.  I’ve got a blue lace dress that is new, but has a vintage look and will go with the theme well enough.

I’m thinking I’ll try my hand at this makeup look.

And those lips?  That color is to die for!

LA Splash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint Mousse in “Inflamed”

For more on the products Miriam uses, head over to her original post on You Tube and click More… below the video.

My husband also suggested that I add a lace headband/ headpiece to the ensemble.  Maybe doing my hair in waves.

What holiday party plans do you have?  What make up looks are you planning?

ACTIONABLE STEP: Check out Miriam’s retro makeup look and brainstorm you Holiday look.  What do you already have that you can pull together into a fab ensemble?

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