Make It Work Online bonus

Make It Work Online Bonus

You’ve found Make It Work Online.


You know you need a clear message, a compelling offer, and consistency in your outreach.


You know Make It Work Online is the answer.


You want everything Jenny has to offer, but you don’t know where the money will come from.

It’s scary.


This is the biggest investment you’ve ever made in your business.


What if this is the wrong decision, or if you do this and never see this money again?


I can tell you with full confidence that if you’re ready to show up and do the work, Make It Work Online is for you. Read my 100% honest review of Make It Work Online here.

I've got you.

I’m a money coach for female service-based providers who want to make money doing what they love. They feel like they should be able to figure it out themselves, but after the essentials are met, there’s not enough left for what matters most to them. I help them put systems in place so that they can enjoy what they’ve already got, stop waiting for someday, and maximize the money they’ve got. 


You’re committed to your business, your purpose, your calling.


You’re committed to making back the investment you put into the program.


You want to enroll so badly you can feel it in your bones, but you also want a plan to pay for it, a strategy to make the investment back, and accountability to stay the course when the program wraps.


Work with me and maximize the return on your investment:


  • Build a solid financial foundation for your business

  • Earn while you’re learn

  • Create a strategic plan to make more money




If you apply & enroll in Make it Work Online through my referral link you’ll get :

One 60-minute personal money coaching session customized to your unique business, timeline, values and goals. We’ll schedule this after you complete Make It Work Online.

Access to a private Facebook group where you and other 2020 MIWO alumni who have signed up through me will have private, ongoing support and coaching. I’ll be there to answer your money, mindset and MIWO questions.

One 30-minute personal follow up session after 3 months to check in on your unique plan and adjust as needed.

How does it work?

After you enroll for Make it Work Online, you’ll be added to the ‘Make More Money’ community where you’ll have access to me and an intimate group for one pre-MIWO group session. After Make It Work Online has wrapped, we’ll schedule your private session and you’ll have access to me and that same, intimate group of newly minted MIWO alumnus who are at the same stage of growth that you are to support you as you continue to build your business, fill your client roster, and make money doing work you love.


Additional Bonuses:

One Pre-MIWO session where I’ll share my best tips to get the most out of MIWO, make personal connections and how to gear up before MIWO launches. (Tips on how to make personal connections, clean your inbox, reduce your overwhelm, tidy up your time management, get your mindset ready for growth)

A group meal with me and other ‘Make More Money’ members at MIWO live in Corvallis 2020.
(We’ll decide together – either the-night-before-the-first-day dinner or first-day breakfast so that we can meet IRL, know a friend before the day starts, make connections, etc).

Have questions about if Make It Work Online is right for you? Email me at, I’m happy to help in any way I can. 

Already applied to Make it Work Online? You can still snag these bonuses when you enroll! Simply email and let them know you’d like to enroll through my referral link and they’ll work their magic.

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