It's Friday! The Art of Love & Money

Finally – It’s Friday!

Hey, all!  It’s finally Friday!

What have you got planned for the weekend?

Time is like money and we can give it all away before we even decide what to do with it.  40+ Hours a week to your employer, countless more hours to your chores and tasks that need to get checked off that long to do list; if you are not careful, you’ll be back at work before you know it with nothing to show for your time off.

Don’t let that happen.

Plan out your time, like you plan out your money.  Make a list of all the fun summery things you want to do, things that you would do if you “could” get an hour to yourself, and then be sure to carve out that time and do something that you actually want to do with your time.

I love Broadway shows, so I decided to check out the local theater scene and write down all of the shows that play this year.  I wrote them in one long list and put them in my calendar and if I am free that night – I go.  Tonight I saw a local community theater performance of The Little Mermaid – and it was really quite good!  Ursula, in particular, was amazing.

I also love to go for long walks.  I have a dog and we will walk for over an hour on the weekends.  This spring I decided to take that long walk off of the usual neighborhood route and explore local parks instead.  I call it my Summer Park Tour 2017.  Every weekend, I am committed to scope our a new park and walk her there.  My original intent was to pack a lunch and a book and a blanket, walk and then spend the day at the park.  We are smack in the middle of graduation party season so I haven’t been able to spend the day at the park yet, but I hope to soon.

Which brings me to the Graduation party that we will be going to, catching up with old friends.  Really looking forward to that!

Then, of course, there is Father’s Day on Sunday.  Family, food, cookouts, games and porch sitting.  Throw in a lazy breakfast and some morning snuggling and you have got yourself a good day!

I have a coffee date scheduled with my husband to talk about plans to celebrate our anniversary and summer list, and dream list.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? How does it align with what you want to do with your time?  Do you have any weekend rituals?

I want to hear from you – so please comment below.

Enjoy your weekend – Be on Purpose, my friends.


ACTIONABLE STEP: Make a list of things you want to do with your time this summer – and then carve out time to do it.  Let me know what you do!  I want to hear from you!