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Ireland – The Emerald Isle

As you may have guessed from Monday’s Motivation – My husband and I just returned from a trip to Ireland!

It was every bit as lovely as I imagined and even the poetic name The Emerald Isle seems unable to cover it’s vast array of beauty.  The pictures we took, as amazing as some of them are, left us empty and longing for the ability to capture it all and take it home with us.

But beauty can not be tamed and put in a box, packaged up like a souvenir and sent to an address to sit on a shelf, it can not.

It must be lived.

It can only be observed.  It must stay where it is found, there for all to experience and enjoy.

I hope you get to go there someday.

Which begs the question: Who is Ireland for?

Ireland is for you if you like greenery.GreenTreeIf you like wide, open space, fresh air and a ‘little’ mist on your face and in your hair.

GreenryOpenSpacesIreland is for you if you love old Cathedrals.ChurchIreland is for you if you like Castles.

KylemoreAbbeyIf you like dilapidated old structures and ivy crawling over them.ShedIreland is for you if you like the Ocean.OceanGrassyShoreThe Wild Atlantic Way and the rocky, pebbly, or sandy shores and the waves that lap upside them.OceanRockyShoreIreland is for you if you enjoy waterfalls.WaterfallIreland is for you if you like stacked stone walls and buildings.

IMG_9715Ireland is for you if you like green rolling fields and flocks of sheep dotting the pastures.SheepIreland is for you if you love Celtic crosses, roadside cemeteries, old stones and mausoleums.CemetaryIreland is for you if you love people.  The people are fantastically lovely, every bit as warm and friendly as we were promised.  They are happy to share their history, their politics, their way of life, their best road trip tips, their favorite travel stories, their restaurant picks, directions to the next attraction, and suggested stop off along the way.

Ireland is for you if you like pubs.RedDoorPubIreland is for you if you fancy a Guinness and/or a Smithwick’s!Smithwicks-GuinnessIreland is for you if you like Whiskey.WhiskeyIreland is for you if you like Irish Coffee.IrishCoffeeIreland is for you if you appreciate street art.WallArtIreland is for you if you like colorful entries.GreenDoorIreland is for you if you like stories, fairy tales, and fables.  If you enjoy having your leg pulled, and quirky little punch lines told with a twinkle in the eye.GrassHutIreland is for you if want an adventure, but don’t speak other languages (other than English).  The signs are in Gaelic and then English.  There is just enough mystery and foreign differences – the brogue, the phrases, the currency, the road signs and driving on the opposite lane – to make you feel totally in awe, while still being able communicate and ask for directions.

We began our journey in Dublin, then drove to Belfast, on to Mohill, County Leitrim, then to Salthill, County Galway, Killarney, Blarney, Waterford, and Celbridge.

The Art of Love & Money Ireland 2017 Overnight Locations

There were day trips to Newgrange Monolithic Burial Sites, Connemara National Park, The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, The Dunbrody Famine Ship, and the Irish National Stud & Japanese Gardens.

The Art of Love & Money - Map of Ireland Trip 2017
The Art of Love & Money – Map of Ireland Trip 2017

13 Glorious days.  13 days could never be enough, but it was a good beginning.  Even if you can eek out just 7 days, I encourage you to go explore the magic that is Ireland.

Sláinte chugat,


Sláinte chugat. (sounds like Slawn-cheh ch(k)oo-at) Cheers, literally translates Good health to you.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Go on and explore Ireland virtually online.  Daydream a little.