The Art of Love & Money Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

The Art of Love & Money Invest in YourselfWhen is the last time you invested in yourself?

Earlier this year, I took a chance to invest in myself, and I signed up for a high-end online business coaching program.

I invested my time. I invested my money. I invested my energy.

I’m just back from the live retreat and Oh. My. Word.

I’m thankful beyond measure for the connection with these women. I am rejuvenated, I am pumped to bring home the lessons and make them work in my own business.

One of my favorite break out sessions was about bringing ease to your business. One of the attendees shared that she knew a woman who took clients only the first three weeks of the month. The last week of the month she does not take any clients. She said she told everyone about this other woman who was doing this for months before she realized – Hey! I could do that too!

So now, she takes the fourth week of the month off. She uses the time to invest in herself by taking workshops, or by planning for her business, living the life that she loves.

That was the common thread.

In a room full of women who have all different types of businesses, from life coaches, to weight loss coaches, psychologists, and web designers, speaking coaches, and business coaches – the why behind the business, when you got all the way down to it was that we all want to help women live the life they love.

A favorite tip was to stock a mini fridge with tiny bottles of bubbly and pop a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate wins in the middle of the workday. Why not?!

We are creating the life we want to live!

Are you investing in yourself? Are you putting any of your time, your money, your energy aside for what is most important to you? If the answer is yes – I am so proud of you!

Keep doing what you are doing and lean in a bit more. What else could you do to up your level?

If the answer is no – or a snide remark – or a defeated sigh – consider taking the time, money and energy to invest in your own goals.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Look around at opportunities to invest in yourself.  It’s so funny that we have no problem paying money for our children to take classes or courses, but not for ourselves.  One business coaches at the retreat shared that she has helped her client to double her revenue every time that they have worked together.
So is investing thousands of dollars in a coach that helps you double your revenue too expensive?  Really?
 Or are you not seeing the true cost of missed opportunity?  Is investing in a life coach that helps you to shift a mindset into a more fulfilling life and responsibility worth it to you?  What is your happiness worth?  Don’t be afraid to take the chance to set some money aside for your own self-improvement.  In fact, I would challenge you to carve out a certain percentage and pledge to only spend that money on investing in you!