The Art of Love & Money I never let my education interfere with my education

I Never Let my Schooling Interfere with my Education

Do you chase after the education you desire?  Do you take it upon yourself to learn about things that interest you? Do you refuse to let the cost of a bachelor’s degree or a master’s program determine what you are worth?

I do.

And I want you to, too.

I read.

I look things up that I become curious about.

Last year, I took it upon myself to learn all of the United states Presidents and Vice Presidents in order.  I memorized them with no test, with no one but myself caring if I knew it.  I listened to the NPR Presidential podcast series.  I downloaded U.S. presidents flash card apps meant for elementary school kids on my phone.  I don’t know how long I will retain it, in fact most of it has probably since vanished into the ether, but it was important to me at the time, so I committed to it and did it.

In the past couple of years, I have added an education/personal development category to my budget.  I take online courses that interest me.  I believe in investing in myself.  In theory, in practice.

I can tell you that it has made a major difference in the course of my life.

This quote was inspired by this Goalcast video: The wisdom of a third grade dropout.

The video is a beautifully moving clip about wisdom, about raising children with wisdom and examples of excellence.

Not all of of us find schooling, formal training helpful, or easy, or do-able.  Don’t let that stop you.  Wisdom and education have nothing to do with how much schooling you have completed, it’s how much you follow your curiosity.

Happy Monday,