My 100% Honest Review of Make It Work Online

My Honest Review of Make It Work Online with Jenny Shih

Flashback to 2017. 

I was playing with an idea of writing a personal finance blog. I had started a personal finance book club for women after being a guest co-host on the popular podcast So Money with Farnoosh Torabi and I had never felt so alive in all of my life. I was kicking myself for not choosing a career in personal finance and a podcast host for ambitious women back in 1999. 

I stumbled across The Make It Work Online workshop and every nerve ending in my body was on fire. I knew I had to be a part of this, but I hadn’t invested a dime in my own personal growth since finishing my college degree and paying off my student loans.

It seemed crazy to me, and yet I felt it like a lightning bolt through my very core.

I decided I would do it, but I would hold off until next year. I would make a plan to save and set aside the money from my day job to pay for the full course of the cost of the program and I’d enroll the following year. In the meantime, I’d use Jenny’s free resources and stay in touch with an accountability partner I’d met in the workshop.

One of the women I had connected with in the workshop lamented that she wasn’t able to spend the money and she was so disappointed about it. She swore she’d be back next year, wished us all well, and signed off.

Within a few hours, she came back online and announced that she had gone out for a movie with her husband to cheer herself up. Her husband asked what was bothering her and when she told him she wanted to join the program but didn’t have the funds to cover it.

He said, “We’ll figure it out. If you want it, do it. We didn’t have the money to buy my truck or my tools when I started my business, but we did it and we’re paying it back. You don’t need a truck, but I don’t see how this is any different.”

I was full to bursting when I saw this, I decided to take the money I had set aside for a kitchen remodel to pay for the program and I’ve never looked back.

That woman went on to become my very first client and helped me to structure my 6 month coaching program by reaching out to me to help her and her husband find clarity around the money that they were making and how to pay themselves.

I know what it feels like to not have a plan, to not have a community, and then to find one and feel like you can’t afford to invest.

It’s scary, and it’s hard and it’s not for everyone.  It could be for you.

How is Make it Work Online different than any of the other millions of options I can choose?

You’ll be assigned a business coach and a copy coach to work with you over the length of the program. They’ll know you and your business and offer individualized support and guidance over the 12 week period.

You’ll be assigned peer mastermind of 4 other ladies, your Power Group. They’ll become your fiercest cheerleaders and know your business like the back of your hand. They’ll come to know you and love you and call you out on your own limiting beliefs that you can’t even see. They’ll help you hone and craft your message and illuminate and lift your offerings beyond your own narrow scope of imagination.

How Make it Work Online works, specifically

Every week for the 12 weeks of the program, you get a new lesson that teaches a single step. You receive access to the lesson and then complete a very specific assignment.

Next, you meet with your Power Group, to help you complete, review and give specific feedback on  the assignment.

Then, you submit the assignment to get personalized feedback from a coach specifically assigned to you.

What you’ll have at the end of 12 weeks in Make it Work Online

  • A clear and concise message that everyone understands

  • At least one new, compelling offer (that people will actually buy) fully implemented and ready to go

  • A consistent outreach plan so you know exactly what to do to get clients

  • Fresh copy on your website that speaks to your target client, making them hungry to hire you

  • A clear action plan to guide you through the next six months (or more) of your business growth

  • A support network of coaches and business owners to help you move forward with confidence

  • Confidence to make money doing what you love

Who Make it Work Online is for

Make It Work Online is for you if you have an idea of who you want to work with, and what problem you want to help them solve.

You don’t need to have everything figured out, but you do need to have an idea.  Make it Work Online will help you craft your message, design a compelling offer and teach you where to find and connect with potential clients.

Make It Work Online is for you if you have a functioning website (or if you can get one set up right quick). It doesn’t need to be fully set up, but you need a website domain under your control to do the work.

If you’re tired of waiting for someday to do work that matters, if you know deep in your soul that you are meant to be doing so much more than what you currently are doing to bring home the bacon and slap some food down on the table before the nightly routine and wind down in front of Netflix with yet another bottle of wine. This could be for you.

Who Make it Work Online is not for

Make It Work Online is not for you if you think that all you need to do to have a financially viable business is enter your credit card numbers in the buy now box. Make It Work Online is an amazing, life changing program that will jumpstart your business and your life if you let it, but it is not a silver bullet. If you’re looking for transformational results by watching a few module videos on a screen, this is not the right program for you.


Make It Work Online is not for you if you are not willing to fully show up for the investment. If you don’t have time to watch the video modules, read the material, do the homework, show up for the coaching calls, participate online in the group, or ask for help when you’re stuck – it’s not the best use of your money.


Make It Work Online is not for you if you are not willing to be coached. If you’re not willing to sit with the discomfort that comes from personal and business growth, this is not the place for you. 


Make It Work Online is not for you if you think you need to have already earned the money in order to give yourself permission to apply and enroll. Believe me, this is super common – but if you knew how to make the money to invest – you’d already be doing it!


How much does Make it Work Online cost?

Make It Work Online is $4700 if paid in full. There is also a payment plan available. (Details here)

Is there a coupon code?

There is no coupon code, but you can enroll through an affiliate link to get access to unique, custom bonuses.

I’m a proud Make it Work Online alumni AND this is my first year as a program affiliate. That means I receive a commission for every person who enrolls at my referral.

I recommend Make it Work Online to all of my friends and connections regardless of who they sign up through because it has enriched my life so much. My affiliation doesn’t increase the cost of the program BUT it allows me to offer you a thank you bonus! To get the best shot at recouping and maximizing your return on investment over the long haul, enroll here.

(Even if you’ve already applied, you can still receive my bonuses for enrolling if you email and let them know you wanted to enroll through my link.)

My Make It Work Online Takeaways

A clear message of who I work with and what I do that is constantly evolving to speak to who I serve and how I can best help.

A compelling offer that went from a small, bite-sized offer to a comprehensive 6-month program as the vision involved and I naturally served my client’s most pressing needs.

A network of colleagues that over-serve and over-deliver. I’ve had some of my best, most ideal clients from the community, I’ve hired and worked with, attended retreats, and listened to their podcasts for every business need that I can possibly imagine – there is an expert in the community that I can go to who I immediately already know, like, and trust.

A healthy growth mindset that is constantly changing and evolving to create the results I want in my life.

Many of my closest friends are from the MIWO community – workshoppers, power group members, alumni, and new business owners are a constant source of encouragement and support for my business and my life. I’ve made connections and friends with women from all of the United States and the world. I’d never have had the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of interesting, heart-centered ambitious women in my local town that I was born and raised and still reside in.

What I really think of Make It Work Online

So, what do I really think of Make It Work Online? Is it worth it? I’d pay the price of admission  every year just to stay connected to this group, but I don’t have to.


I have lifetime access – and so will you as a MIWO alum.

See you in Corvallis!