Happy Labor Day!

The Art of Love & Money Labor Day

Do you ever think about the history of Labor Day?  How different our lives would be had their never been organized Labor Unions?

Labor Unions are the reason we have paid vacation time, holidays off, and 40 hour work weeks.

Do you ever think about the Industrial Revolution, the workers of yesteryear, how their lives were so much more laborious than ours today?

I can’t help but think about how the employment landscape will change over the next one hundred years.  Independent contractors, side hustles, remote office worker, virtual meetings and the Next Revolution.

See James Altucher for more on this thought.

While I don’t think that the fabric of our employment prototype will necessarily change over night, I can see that it is drifting to more independent work.  Great for workers who want to strike out on their own, be their own boss, set their own schedule, choose the best projects.  Scary for those of the status quo, who like the ‘security’ of a full time job with benefits and vacation days.  When the truth is there is no security.

I’d argue that the facade of security is holding some of us back.  What is the lost cost analysis for job safety, staying in a job that is safe and secure, but there is no growth or room for upward momentum?

Instead of being fearful of the changes ahead, embrace them.  Start thinking of a side hustle. Cultivate some skills. Ignite your creative sparks. Have a fund for a rainy day, an emergency stash of cash in case you get laid off from your ‘stable’ & ‘secure’ job. Think about your personal brand, your digital footprint, your professional reputation.  Start preparing now new work revolution.  And think about how different employment and our daily living looks now as compared to one hundred years ago.

What would your great-great-grandfather have to say about work-life balance, for instance?

I can’t help thinking of reading The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, where the poor migrant farmers literally worked the entire day to pay for their room and board and a meal of one mealy potato.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Think about the next revolutionary wave and what it may look like for you.  What would you enjoy, what would be your concerns, what could you do to minimize your concerns?

Happy Labor Day,