It's Friday! The Art of Love & Money

Happy Friday!

Is there anybody out there?

<<< Insert Pink Floyd Sound Track>>

But, seriously – it’s like crickets out there so – somebody, anybody – please let me know what you have planned for the weekend!

I have plans to enjoy a local production of Shakespeare in the park – bringing my dog , a lawn chair, and perhaps a water thermos full of sangria – but it’s hot and muggy out so we’ll see how that goes.

I also am planning to see West Side Story at another local theater.  Do you love theater?  Do you have local community productions you can take advantage of?  What are some cool local activities your parks & recreations host?

Maybe get some bigger house maintenance chores done on Saturday, perhaps break out my new nail polish.

Sunday we are going to get a chance to enjoy a barbecue with a couple of my husband’s cousins in town from Colorado – and meet a baby.  I love babies.  I love my husband, and his entire family.  I seriously consider them the luckiest people on earth – and I tell my kids all the time “If you were born into the Rodriguez Family, you are among the luckiest people on Earth.”  I married into the Rodriguez family, and I think I’m damn lucky.  This family, they love, and they laugh, and they talk and they play games and hang out all day.  When we get together for Christmas, or Mother’s Day, we don’t go for an hour and then do the dishes and head out.  We stay from 2 in the afternoon until it’s time to go home to get ready for work the next day.

“If you were born into the Rodriguez Family, you are among the luckiest people on Earth.”

My husband’s grandfather used to sit and tell us stories.  Stories of his youth, of when they met at a baseball field – she came not to watch him play the game but to be able to borrow his bicycle while the game lasted, of his time on a Navy ship during WWII – where they did more painting than they did warfare and the crew at one point got so sick of painting they threw the paint supplies overboard, only to have a new delivery the next day. outrageous stories of how his brother walked him far across two town one side of a town to the opposite side of another town just to knock on a bully’s door that had been messing with one of their brothers. His big brother went on to tell the boy’s father that he was there to fight his son because his son was picking on someone who was much smaller than he was, and the father opened the door and called his son out into the front yard to fight this obviously much older teenager!  Stories of growing up in a box car community, a Mexican barrio, where the families literally lived inside of the box cars, instead of houses or apartments.  This is especially magical to me as we sit in their large four-square home that they have acquired in their lifetime, and raised their 8 children and several nieces, nephews and grandchildren in.

The family consists of Mexican, Native American and Black heritages, of people who have been blessed with steady, stable lifestyles, and of those that have seen horrific struggles.  They are mostly still local, but they are also flung far and wide across the country, but they all still come home to visit their matriarch an patriarch, who have been married 70 years and counting.

It’s a beautiful thing.

ACTIONABLE STEPS: Make some weekend plans – include at least one summer wish list item. Summer is going by fast and you don’t want to miss it!

Happy Fri-yay,