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Happy Friday – Share your Weekend Plans!

Hey, there!

Have you made a summer must-do list?

By now, you know I am into list making.  My husband and I created a summer must-do list on our last date night.

Do you have date night?  It’s another must.

We missed out on this for many, many years – and we can still get bad at this if we are not careful so – don’t be like us – have a set date night and protect it with your life.

We like to do Thursday evening.  It’s not as busy as the weekend with weddings and birthday parties, etc and it’s just over hump day so there has been plenty of week to get shit done, and we’re ready to have some fun, already!

Last week we took our dog to the park with us to play frisbee golf.  It was a gorgeous night and we forgot her leash – so she was off leash and chased our discs every. single. throw.

This was hilarious for two reasons. One, she will not retrieve a frisbee to save her life. Two.  Every disc was moved from the original landing point until we hollared Leave It – which we had to do every.single.time and then all of the disks – full of slober.

Thanks, girl.

We also made our summer-to-do list while eating dinner that night – which included kayaking on the Snake River in Indiana where my husband’s brother and his family live and attending a local performance of Shakespeare in the park, with my dog and a bottle of wine, among other good, summery, sunshiny things

What is on your Summer Must-Do list? Let me know with a comment below.

What are your weekend plans?  Comment below.

ACTIONABLE STEPS: Set a date night. Make a Summer Must-Do list. Leave a comment.