The Art of Love & Money Christmas Gift Wrapping red glittery ornament on tree

Christmas Gift Wrapping

The Art of Love & Money - Christmas-Gift-Wrapping
The Art of Love & Money – Christmas-Gift-Wrapping

Wrap it Up

Sooooooo…. How’s the Holiday shopping going?  Hopefully you’re all done and ready to wrap things up.

Ha! Pun intended.  Sorry not sorry.

If you haven’t finished up your shopping you can head over to this post for tips and snag your Christmas List & Budget..

I like to ‘make a night out of it’  for wrapping gifts.

Let’s back up a step.  First of all, we stash all the gifts in one easy to relocate hiding spot, (in an empty tote in the basement with all the other totes.  Totally boring and they’ll never look in there!) and then when the kids were overnight somewhere, we pulled them all out.

We have a system.

I put things in piles for who gets what and Mario removes the price tags, wraps in tissue paper and places in the gift boxes.  He sets all the receipts and tags aside and I place them in an envelope at the end of the night.

I wrap and tag (or ya know, write a name in on the package with a Sharpie).

My friend, Becca, makes Holiday tags with a Christmas font from Rad & Happy.

How adorable it that?!

Back to our wrapping night.

Yes, there is beer involved.

Yes, it’s still kind of a nightmare and my back still hurts and I still loose the tape and the scissors on repeat.  And my husband STILL finds the need to tell me that he hates it.

But, hey, we’re in this together.

Bonus tip:

When our kids were little, Santa wrapped all their gifts in a specific wrapping paper color just for them. Pick a color for each child – ideally their favorite color, or choose a color that most matches their persona that is frequently used in Holiday wrap.

No handwriting required.

Start something new:

A friend of mine doesn’t wrap the gifts from Santa at all.  The big gifts are from Santa and they are sat out on display.  Picture a doll house ready to play or a tricycle assembled and ready to ride.

The wrapped gifts are from Mom & Dad.  She wants her kids to know that there is a limit to what they can receive – and to be thankful towards Mom & Dad as well.  I think this is awesome!  It also helps them to learn to be givers, as they exchange gifts with their parents as well because they exchange gifts with their mom and dad – something they made or something they can afford out of their own budget.

The holidays are a time for traditions – pick your favorite ones from your childhood, or adopt an other’s. Do what works best for you – so that you can enjoy the season.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Pick a night and grab a buddy and get to wrapping.  If you don’t have a partner to pair up with (or they just WON’T or you are just like, NO. then maybe pair up with a sister, a neighbor, or a friend.  Take turns helping one another.  I promise it’s GOT to be more fun with a friend.

Merry & Bright Christmas!