Follow Up Friday

Follow Up Friday Get It Done Art of Love & Money
Follow Up Friday Get It Done Art of Love & Money

Hey, there!

I am so excited to share what I am working on with you next week – but in the mean time – it’s Friday and I want to follow up in case you missed these posts earlier this week and to remind you to take action on these two very important items.

This weekend, I want to challenge you to make art for your own joy and creativity, and I am really curious to see how close you can come to guessing your own net worth!  Next week we will begin diving in, so get out a scratch pad and write down all that you OWN (assets) minus all that you OWE (Debts) and circle your final number.

If that makes you all sweaty and clammy – no worries, mon!  This is all about getting started where you are at, and won’t it feel amazing to look back on next year to see how far you have come?  I mean the year is going to pass one way or another, you might as well get. it. done as the time flies by.

Much Love,