The Art of Love & Money Summer Countdown

Final Days of Summer

Summer is quickly slipping through our fingers – what have you done to celebrate your summer?

Do you still have plans to go somewhere or have summer list items to secure?  Take some time this weekend to do something fun and summery.  We haven’t kayaked not a once this summer!

It is getting quite chilly here.  We have had a very mild summer, and it has felt like fall is on its way for quite sometime.  It’s lovely weather, but not quite pool lounging weather or sweltering heat to like drips off of an ice cream cone before it melts down your arm weather.

This is your last call for summer!  Summa Time!

Pull out your summer list and check off any last minute fun items before the first day of Fall – coming soon to a locale near you – September 22.

I did:

I have yet to:

  • Kayak anywhere, let alone the Snake River.  When we went to Indy it was not good kayak weather and we were quite busy with the farmer’s market, an art show, and the State Fair.
  • Create an original artwork on a large canvas

ACTIONABLE STEP: Review your summer list.  If you don’t have one – make one!  If you did make a list and/or you went on a trip or did something you are excited about, please share it with me or comment below!  I love to get new ideas and I love to live vicariously through YOU!