The Art of Love & Money - Fall

Fall Has Arrived

The Art of Love & Money - Fall
The Art of Love & Money – Fall

Fall has come, and we are beginning to feel it in the air.  I love the early fall – brisk mornings with heated, sunny, Indian summer afternoons.

I usually hate to see summer go, but I do have a pretty exciting trip around the corner this fall, so I haven’t been at all melancholy about fall this year.  I’m writing this blog post as quickly as my fingers can fly because there is a cool sunrise coming up and I can’t wait to get our there to walk Coco before work.

Some of you can’t wait for the weather to cool down to fall.  For me, Fall means Winter is approaching, and Winter is not my favorite.  But the longer I live, having been born and raised in the Midwest, the more I realize that I appreciate the Winter, if only for the Season’s change, the promise of Spring to come.

The seasons slip by unnecessarily fast, and if we don’t take the time to set aside some intention for fall fun, the days will be gone before we have even noticed that they have arrived.

Especially if you have little ones, please take the time to explore all the bounty the season has to offer.  Collect leaves, go for a Fall drive down a pretty road with no destination in mind, carve a pumpkin, sip hot spiced cider, catch a football game, dip an apple in caramel, go through a corn maze.

My Fall List:

Go on a Trip of a Lifetime (already planned & in  motion – details coming soon)

Walk at a State Park with Coco that I have never been to before

Throw a Surprise Party

Paint Sugar Skulls on Pumpkins with Mario for a date night

Host annual Chili Supper on Halloween Night (Trick or Treat)

Take a trip to Minnesota.  Go to a spot we’ve never been.

Eat a caramel apple at Lagomarcino’s

Paint an Abstract Painting

Pose for a Sketch for Mario

Purchase a Tree in Grandma Rodriguez’s memory

Complete our Landscaping border

Clean out our Garage so we can park in there this winter.  Then Grill out.

Catch an outdoor Football Game / Soccer Game

Pick a new book and go to bed by 7 with my book for a whole week (daylight savings week most likely)

Make BBQ sauce with Louisiana Hot Sauce

Build a new website for the blog

Record a Podcast Series

A new book for the Personal Finance Book Club

The beauty of fall surrounds us with Nature’s own pallet.  A crispness fills the air and a deep inhale brings bonfire smoke and the aroma of Barbecue.  The bright afternoon sunshine warms us with a hard day’s work on our backs.  We go to bed exhausted,spent but with a smile on our faces from the productive tasks accomplished.  The leaves rustle on the ground, the cool air allows us the comforts of oversized sweater and cozy boots.  The earlier darkness allows us to snuggle up with our loved ones, slow down, and catch up on our reading and our rest.

ACTIONABLE STEP: Create a fall fun list.  This should be fun and include a mix of big, medium, and small size items to help you enjoy the beauty of the season, featuring our favorite highlights of the season.  You can throw some accomplishments in there too, for good measure.