Exploring Kansas City – Where To Stay

My husband and I  love a good weekend getaway.  A chance to reconnect on a long drive through loud music, sing a longs, and a chance for uninterrupted conversations.  We haven’t had a trip for two in a good long while, and the month of July houses both our anniversary and my birthday, so it seemed as good as time as any to hit the open road.

We decided on Kansas City, MO.  We have been wanting to check it out for a while now.  We had heard of their numerous city fountains, BBQ, and live jazz scene.  What’s not to like?

I hit the official Kansas City Tourism website.  KC, you had me at Over/Under Tours – Lofty Heights and Underground Sights in KC.   33 For Free lent encouragement as well.

Mu husband’s co-worker’s wife had told us that they have had good luck getting a hotel through Hotwire when they go to St. Louis, MO.  I have always avoided that site because I didn’t like the idea of not knowing what you were getting, but she assured me that they have had good luck and that you can usually guess which hotel you will get by the star rating and the location area, and after obsessively planning other trips, I welcomed the idea of someone else choosing one detail for me.  We were only staying for a short while, so what could it hurt?

I hopped on Hotwire, set a four star property search in the Power & Lights District and hoped for the best.  I could see from my usual booking site, Hotels.com what the possibilities were and I hoped for the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center because it had a roof-top pool and we had yet to be in a pool this summer.  The rate on other hotel websites was $179 a night and that doesn’t include taxes, charges, and parking.  While I do like a high end hotel in a prime walk-able location in the city, those numbers quickly eat into our foodie and cocktail budget.  Hotwire offered an undisclosed location for $113 per night, I accepted.  Got the hotel I wanted for a roof top pool at a savings of $66.  Foodie and cocktail budget is lookin’ up!

We now had the location, the hotel, and a loose itinerary.  We travel to Minnesota to visit family quite often, so we are pretty quick and efficient with the packing and the preparation process, so we were all ready to go other than booking Coco’s kennel.  Her regular kennel was booked, which is always a bummer because the doggie play yard is on farmland with a pond and doggie play yard, and it’s on the way out of town.  We had to book her at one of the alternates -which thankfully also offers extended doggie play times – this will become relevant at the end of our trip.

So, where to stay?  I highly suggest staying downtown in a hotel near the Power & Light District with a shuttle.  We enjoyed our stay at the Sheraton, but I’m sure there are plenty of good options in the area.  Just get out & explore.  All in all, we prefer to save on the where to stay & splurge on the exploring and using Hotwire afforded us a nice location at an okay price.

ACTIONABLE STEP: Explore Kansas City virtually and then check out convenient weekend getaways near you and plan out a trip just for fun.  You may be able to go in the near future, you may not be able to, but half of the fun is in the planning and the browsing.  The next time you have a free weekend, you’ll already have an idea tucked away for just the right occasion.