Exploring Kansas City – Our Top Pick


Bird’s Botanicals

Birds Botanicals was our favorite hidden gem spot in Kansas City. As a matter of fact, it was our favorite overall spot in Kansas City.


What was it about this place that was so special, you might ask. Let’s see….

It may have been that finding the storefront through an industrial gated cave opening felt like a scavenger hunt.

We knew we were nearby thanks to the gorgeous purple signage… and yet it seemed impossible that anything as delicate as even one single exotic orchid would be found here.

The guard directed us to the door and even still… we drive into the cave, circled around and came back out. Seemed impossible.

By now I was rather amazed (and impressed) that my husband continued to keep trying. In our hasty youth we would have given up. But we persisted.

I approached the guard shack on foot this time.Luckily there was another person nearby who heard what we were looking for, actually, I think he may have taken one look at me and decided the only possible reason I would be entering an industrial cave entrance was for “Birds? I’ll show ya. Once you see it, it’s easy, but it’s hard to find otherwise.  It’s a cool place.  He has been her a long time, probably longer than any of us.”

And then we saw the sign above the door, happily thanked and waved goodbye to our unofficial guide and headed towards the floral store front window with a beautiful purple painted cargo van being loaded for the farmers market. We were greeted by the owners friendly daughter carting the orchids and the corgi to the loading area.

She welcomed us inside. It looked like your typical flowers shop at first.


But then, I turned the corner.  And my eyes nearly filled with tears.

IMG_7267I had never imagined anything so magical and mystical as a cave full of orchids.  Beautiful, large blooms, in all varieties and smatterings of creative decorative pots filled with succulents.

We were again greeted, this time by the owner, Dave Bird, and I gushed over how beautiful and amazing this place was.  We became instant friends.  He was clearly amused by my amazement, but when he recovered, he gave us space to explore and would loop back around and nudge us into the next room – because, yes there are 3 rooms!  Orchids, succulents, air plants, carnivorous plants, tropical plants.


It’s truly a site to see.  It was easily our favorite couple of hours spent in Kansas City.

None of the Kansas City locals we talked to knew this place existed – so it was a lot of fun to give them the tip on where to go in their home town – mostly because this place is so amazing.