The Art of Love & Money Explore Chicago

Explore Chicago!

If you are lucky enough to be attending Forefront in Chicago this weekend, know this:

I am jealous.

I hope to be there one day. 

I will make a plan to be there one day.

Totally a Big Dream list item…I applied for a volunteer position, but didn’t make the cut.  I’m sure the competition was steep, and I totally respect that.  I did use the Briefcase Technique  in my interview pitch, outlining some cool things to explore in Chicago, because planning fun excursions is my super power – so please enjoy these handouts, whether you are lucky enough to be there this weekend, or save them for the next time you go to The Windy City.

Even though the Briefcase Technique  didn’t seal the deal for me this time, it has in the past – and even when it doesn’t land you the gig – it does stretch you to new heights and give you a practice run testing out your skill sets, so give it a go.

I used the Briefcase Technique  to land a spot on So Money as a guest co-host to Farnoosh Torabi.  Listen to that episode here.

Chicago is not my hometown, but it is the nearest BIG city, so here are some fun explorations I hope you take advantage of.

The pdf includes some hometown favorites and also some great coffee shops, unique spas and nightlife.

Enjoy Gretchen Rubin and Ramit Sethi.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Check out Ramit Sethi’s Briefcase Technique  video and then go apply it somewhere in your life immediately.  It will work if you do.

Explore & Live a Rich Life,