The Art of Love & Money Easy Street

Easy Street All The Time

I’d been on Easy Street for years, and the lack of my growth was showing, slowing me down in my day to day, leaving me feeling lethargic and blah.

Take a look around you, are you challenging yourself at all?

If not, pick a challenge that is near and dear to your heart and get after it.

I hope to see you out there in the world, surprising yourself with how well you have accomplished these challenges.

In the past 6 months, I have recorded 3 podcasts, written over 50 blog posts, and launched a book club.  I have meet like-minded women who are quickly becoming my friends and acquaintances.  I have surprised myself with my capacity to learn new skills, and to come up with ideas that I had never even thought of before.  I still don’t know where all of this will be taking me, but even if I stop today, I will look back on these accomplishments and be glad that I did them, and be proud of what I created.