Do Something Good for Your Soul

Have you heard the term ‘Forest Bathing’?

I first heard the term this summer, while browsing social media, ironically.

Forest Bathing is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. It perfectly describes how I feel when I take a long walk outside and clear my head.  I often say that walking is my therapy, so to hear this term makes me smile.  It validates my experience, the time I set aside, for me, fresh air, sunshine and the trees.

Today, I am going to do something good for my soul.  I’m going for a long walk, and I hope that you will take the time to do something good for your soul, too.

It’s Monday, and my weekend was anything but restful.  I’m taking an extra long walk before work today, and I’m hoping it cures most of what ails me.

What will you do today for your soul?

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Do something today that feels good.