Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Do you have a creative outlet?

Do you have something new you’d like to try? Some art form you have always admired?  Something you wish you could do?

Perhaps it’s sketching, or painting on a canvas, or making pottery, the mud all over your hands dripping to your elbow, the hypnotic spinning and gradual shaping of a lump of clay guided by your finger tips.

I want to encourage you to pick up a new artistic hobby if  you don’t already have one.


Because as Brené Brown found in her ground-breaking research,

” Unused creativity is not benign–it metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.

In the past few years I have taken up pencil sketching in my bedroom on Saturday mornings while I drink my coffee, a pottery class at the local community college, acrylic and water painting at the local art museum wine & art nights, guided acrylic painting at local paint with me studios, and now a lettering challenge by the lovely & talented Kira Bui Design on facebook.

P>S> Watch the 30 Days Creative Genius Series by Chase Jarvis.  Just – Wow.

It has changed my life in words I can not even explain, giving me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone in many more ways than just trying to sketch out a design in the privacy of my own bed – which was still scary!  We are taught in elementary school that we are either artistically talented, or not.  We hold our designs up to an other’s and determine ours is no good, so we stop.  It’s like not dancing because we don’t look like Beyoncé when we dance.

As if that was ever the point of dancing!  No!  Dancing is for your soul.  So turn up the volume and get to it.  Let me know what small and/or impactful way it changes your life.

ACTIONABLE STEP:  Take a small step to do something creative in your life today.  Then make a list of all of the creative things you’d love to try someday.  Grab a local guide and find classes in your area, or find some resources online to guide you from home.

Much Love,