The Art of Love & Money Celebrate Summer

Celebrating Summer

Summer is quickly slipping through our fingers – what have you done to celebrate your summer?  I hope you have laid by the pool, taken long night walks after the sizzle of the day has faded away, fired up the grill and chilled with a beer in hand as your dinner charred to perfection.  I hope you savored a Popsicle as its sticky sweetnes dripped down to your elbow and you have chased the fireflies in the dark of night.

Did you take any trips – Day trips, weekend trips, long vacays, explored your own backyard communities?  Comment below with pictures and share where you have explored and your best recommendation for those locales.

Do you still have plans to go somewhere or have summer list items to secure?  Take some time this weekend to refine the details so you can make it happen.  Don’t put your life on hold ’til someday.

Do something you love, do something you have always wanted to do, do something to celebrate the summer season in all its glorious sweltering heat and beauty.

ACTIONABLE STEP: Review your summer list.  If you don’t have one – make one!  If you did make a list and/or you went on a trip or did something you are excited about, please share it with me or comment below!  I love to get new ideas and I love to live vicariously through others.