planning a trip

The Art of Love & Money Carry On

Packing Your Carry-on

For a long trip, I will always check a bag. I like to be able to bring all of my cosmetics and lotions and liquids. That said, the carry on will still hold some essentials.

Clothes for the next day in case your luggage gets lost.

Snacks for the plane. One bag of extra small peanuts or pretzels ain’t gonna do it.

Gum for chewing in the ascent/descent to keep ears for popping.

Any electronics or cameras – I like to keep these on my person.

The Art of Love & Money Planning For a Trip

Planning a Trip

Let’s talk about planning for a big trip, shall we?

Say a big, dream trip. A trip of a life time.

The first stage is the day dreaming. Where you figure out your Why, what makes your heart beat faster, what fulfills and calls to you. This could be one of your Top 5, or it could be something that you came up with while writing out your plan for the year, or plan for the season.