Create Your Personal Planner

Imagine having all of your important paperwork in one spot when you are ready to deal with it. You can take it to work with you, or in the car, you can work on your paperwork when you have the time – waiting at the Doctor’s office or during tumbling class or soccer practice, over your lunch break. There are no limits to when you can get your to-do list accomplished when you have everything in an organized ready to go binder!

The Art of Love & Money Organize Your Financial Paperwork

Mail/Processing Inbox

The paperwork just will not stop coming! It’s like the laundry but worse because you can’t throw it in the machine and walk away.

Every day when you get home, there is more paperwork. Seems like everyday you out there living your life, you are creating more.paper.trails.

I set use a mail/processing inbox to handle my incoming paperwork.

The Art of Love & Money Organize Your Financial Paperwork

List Important Financial Info

Today’s downloads are for the folders that I have added, the Financial Accounts List, Passwords List, and Automatic Drafts List. These lists are important for estate planning, money dates, annual financial check-ins and overall organization. They help keep everyone in the house on the same page.