The Art of Love & Money 5 Simple Yet Lovely Valentine's Day Celebrations with 3 wooden hearts in background

5 Simple Yet Lovely Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – tomorrow, in fact.  So, I thought I’d provide you with 5 simple yet lovely Valentine’s Day celebration ideas.  You have time and energy to pull all of these off – just pick one and swing by the store for your ingredients on the way home tonight. Whether …

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The Art of Love & Money Christmas Decorating red glittery ornament on tree

Holiday Decorating

Full swing into December – do you have your decorating done?

Decide what you MUST have. Maybe it’s a tree, maybe it’s a wreath, maybe it’s the nativity scene.

List them in order of importance to you and then set aside allotted times to do the most important ones first. If you run out of time and energy – maybe that’s okay. Give yourself permission to not have a perfectly decorated house if that’s not in the cards for whatever reason – time, budget, energy.