The Art of Love & Money Plan for a New Year black sky with fireworks

New Year, New You?

New Year, New You? Or New Year, Same You?  Just with new insights, new thoughts, new ideas, new plans. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions like I once did.  I mean, an arbitrary day of the year to set everything all new and fresh and better, just because the date on the calendar has […] Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Christmas the aftemath red glittery ornament on tree

The Aftermath

So, You made it through another Christmas! And you hauled all of the stuff home.  Yeah.  You got some stuff! The holidays are fantastic for spending time with family, friends, and for getting dressed up, for gathering and playing games, for sitting by the Christmas tree lights in the wee hours of the night, watching […] Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Christmas Gift Wrapping red glittery ornament on tree

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Wrap it Up Sooooooo…. How’s the Holiday shopping going?  Hopefully you’re all done and ready to wrap things up. Ha! Pun intended.  Sorry not sorry. If you haven’t finished up your shopping you can head over to this post for tips and snag your Christmas List & Budget.. I like to ‘make a night out […] Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Christmas Decorating red glittery ornament on tree

Holiday Decorating

Full swing into December – do you have your decorating done?

Decide what you MUST have. Maybe it’s a tree, maybe it’s a wreath, maybe it’s the nativity scene.

List them in order of importance to you and then set aside allotted times to do the most important ones first. If you run out of time and energy – maybe that’s okay. Give yourself permission to not have a perfectly decorated house if that’s not in the cards for whatever reason – time, budget, energy. Read more…

Happy Labor Day!

Do you ever think about the history of Labor Day?  How different our lives would be had their never been organized Labor Unions? Labor Unions are the reason we have paid vacation time, holidays off, and 40 hour work weeks. Do you ever think about the Industrial Revolution, the workers of yesteryear, how their lives […] Read more…