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Case Studies

Meet Liz

Liz & James are a dual entrepreneur family, both leading their own businesses. When they reached out, it had been a few years since they had received a regular paycheck, employer-sponsored benefits or a retirement savings match.

They were unsure how much they could pay themselves and how they could save beyond what their monthly bills required.

Planning for Profit

We started our work by focusing on their personal household budget to define how much income their lifestyle required.


Liz Green Greengoose Ghostwriting
Knowing it had been a little too easy to spend when they weren’t tracking their actual costs, we set up systems for them to track their expenses and began using the Profit First system to ensure they set aside profit each time they received payment.
Even better, we explored what they wanted to do in life but weren’t yet able to do. For Liz & James, that meant spending two weeks in the U.K. to visit Liz’s family and purchasing annual ski passes without feeling strapped.

Getting Ahead

In four months time – and without realizing it – Liz & James had decreased their spending by 48%.

With my help, they implemented an accelerated debt repayment strategy that cut more than two years off of the life of their loans and developed a system to pay themselves monthly. In the end, they sold their house, used the equity to pay down debt, and went on to buy their dream property outside of town instead.

They also began setting aside money for paid time off of work, more comprehensive health insurance, and retirement accounts.

Knowing exactly what their goals were and what it took to reach those goals, Liz confidently raised her rates by 50%, creating even more money to pursue the life they truly desired.


In her own words...

Before working with Rachelle it felt like our finances were out of our control. We didn't understand what we were bringing in and what we were spending and it felt too big to get a handle on by ourselves. She made it safe to talk about things like how much money you have or that you've done a shitty job with retirement planning. We were able to figure all these things out and turn them around.

- Liz

Meet Caryn

Caryn is a badass business owner who believes in investing in herself, following a proven system, and directing her energy on her clients’ results – not trying to reinvent the wheel.

She had no problem setting goals, in fact she had already achieved all the financial markers of success she had set for her business. She wondered what it would look like to dream bigger.

As confident as she was with her approach, Caryn also wanted reassurance that she wasn’t missing anything major with her money.

Success Through Systems

After setting up her budget in YNAB we watched as her spending increased – month over month – along with her income. Using this system allowed her to make sure the additional income she brought in was helping her live her best life. For Caryn, that meant splurging on things like massages, decorating her home office, and investing in high-end coach training.


Caryn Gillen Wait Loss Coach
I walked her through the Profit First system and we reviewed the past two years of her profit model and forecast the year ahead. That practice gave her the satisfaction of knowing she was intuitively on the right track, could afford to pay herself a regular salary, and even give herself a raise.

Investing For Growth

As a result of working together, Caryn realized that as a go-getter, she had already met all of her goals – but they had stopped exciting her. When we began to look at the things that she wanted to do for herself and her family, she began to get excited again.
Seeing how much she would need to bring in to reach her personal household goals gave her new fire. Connecting those dots, she reignited her passion for her business.
Knowing her numbers also allowed Caryn to increase the amount she and her husband contributed to their retirement and she gave herself the green light to go ahead as planned, investing in more coach training with zero guilt or regret.

Not even a year later she went on to change her entire business model, comfortably taking on new risk because she knew what her baseline numbers were.but

In her own words...

I feel the success and I love this plan!
Thank you for your help, tech support, and hand-holding over these past months. It has been important work for me to do and helped me to adjust my mind around being boss.

- Caryn

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