Who here read the book?

A few months ago, I launched a Personal Finance Book Club.  You can join me – shoot me an email to jump in on the next book selection.

I closed membership at 25 hoping to keep a small engaged group.

Turns out the group was quite small, and not everyone that signed up engaged or participated – but that’s totally okay because those of you who did engage were amazing and awesome – and there is now room for more of you to join if you didn’t get in the first time around.

We will read one personal finance book per quarter.  We will vote on the book selection.

You will receive a newsletter, there is a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion and encouragement, and we will meet via Zoom to discuss.  That discussion will later be turned into a podcast.

Our first selection chosen was When She Makes More; 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women by Farnoosh Torabi.

We were completely blown away when Farnoosh offered to join our discussion.  She was everything and more in that interview.  You can here the audio next week.

1_We have arrived
Rule #1 Face the Facts
2_Pick up his socks
Rule #2 Rewrite the Fairy Tale
3_No one way
Rule #3 Level the Financial Playing Field
4_one big family
Rule # 4 Hack the Hypotheticals
5_All jobs have value
Rule #5 Cater to the Male Brain
6_collective strength
Rule #6 Buy Yourself a Wife (and Other Tips to Avoid Domestic Drudgery)
7_high performance
Rule #7 Break the Glass Ceiling but Carry a Sheild
8_invest in your mate
Rule #8 Plan Parenthood…from Conception to College and Beyond
9_moneymaking girl
Rule #9 Grow a Thicker Skin
10_raise my glass
Rule #10 Remember to Breathe

Want more?  Download the The Art of Love & Money Chapter Guides-When She Makes More and grab the book here.

Want even more?  Get on the book club newsletters and you’ll be invited to join our next Zoom session.  >>JOIN HERE<<

What’s a book club without a cocktail or two?

The Art of Love &amp; Money Book Club - Mimosa
The Art of Love & Money Book Club – Mimosa
The Art of Love & Money Book Club - Margaritas!
The Art of Love & Money Book Club – Margaritas!



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