The long awaited Audio of our first book club meeting.  Join Farnoosh Torabi, Stephanie and myself as we dive in to a little girl talk and discussion about the book and issues that may arise when the female makes more in the relationship.

This book is a guidebook to partnering well together in any relationship, regardless of who makes more.

Who here read the book?

A few months ago, I launched a Personal Finance Book Club.  You can join >>HERE<<

I had originally closed membership at 25 hoping to keep a small engaged group.

Turns out the group was quite small, and not everyone that signed up engaged or participated – but that’s totally okay because those of you who did engage were amazing and awesome – and there is now room for more of you to join if you didn’t get in the first time around.


We will read one personal finance book per quarter.  We will vote on the book selection.

You will receive a newsletter, there is a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion and encouragement, and we will meet via Zoom to discuss.  That discussion will later be turned into a podcast.


Our first selection chosen was When She Makes More; 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women by Farnoosh Torabi.

We were completely blown away when Farnoosh offered to join our discussion.  She was everything and more in that interview. Listen.

When She Makes More The Art of Love & Money Book Club
When She Makes More The Art of Love & Money Book Club

For more on the book, check out last week’s post that includes quotes and chapter guides.

Happy Listening,


Rachelle Siebke