Book Club Audio: When She Makes More; 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women by Farnoosh Torabi

The long awaited Audio of our first book club meeting.  Join Farnoosh Torabi, Stephanie and myself as we dive in to a little girl talk and discussion about the book and issues that may arise when the female makes more in the relationship. This book is a guidebook to partnering well together in any relationship, […] Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Planning For a Trip

Planning a Trip

Let’s talk about planning for a big trip, shall we?

Say a big, dream trip. A trip of a life time.

The first stage is the day dreaming. Where you figure out your Why, what makes your heart beat faster, what fulfills and calls to you. This could be one of your Top 5, or it could be something that you came up with while writing out your plan for the year, or plan for the season. Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Reverse Budget

Reverse Budgeting

What is Reverse Budgeting?

It’s when you allocate the most important priorities and values in your life and put the money in those categories first.

When you put the bulk of your money where you want it to go before you begin spending on anything else, it’s reverse of how society spends – impulse first.

Sad Truth: Money is finite. Time is finite. There is not enough for everything you want to do, so if you don’t put your most important ones first, you won’t get to them Read more…

Hardwood Grows Slowly

“Hardwood grows slowly.” – Jewel Take the time, build it right, do it slowly, don’t take the short cuts. “One of the best pieces of advice I got was that ‘hardwood grows slowly.’ Things that last take time. Hardwood will live 100 years, but it takes a long time for that to mature, whereas a […] Read more…

The Art of Love & Money - Fall

Fall Has Arrived

The beauty of fall surrounds us with Nature’s own pallet. A crispness fills the air and a deep inhale brings bonfire smoke and the aroma of Barbecue. The bright afternoon sunshine warms us with a hard day’s work on our backs. We go to bed exhausted,spent but with a smile on our faces from the productive tasks accomplished. The leaves rustle on the ground, the cool air allows us the comforts of oversized sweater and cozy boots. The earlier darkness allows us to snuggle up with our loved ones, slow down, and catch up on our reading and our rest. Read more…

The Art of Love & Money Review Your Expenditures

Review Your Expenditures

Think of your budget as allocations in Maslow’s Pyramid. Start with your basic needs and then add your priority value sets from there.

Your goal is to do a Zero-based budget. All the money that comes in month by month gets allocated for how YOU chose to allocate your spending based on your priorities, your values. Until the amount that you Earn minus the amount budgeted to specific categories is equal to zero. Read more…

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