The Art of Love & Money Organize Your Financial Paperwork

List Important Financial Info

Last week, we set up a home for all of your financial paper work, a Financial File Box.  This week, keep sorting through the papers and

How did you do with that?  Did you have any hang-ups?

Did you reward yourself for the steps that you did make? 

I hope that you made some progress and enjoyed a glass of red wine and some guilty pleasure Netflix’n on the other side.

The bad news is: that was a beast.

The good news is: All of your financial paperwork now lives in one organized, easily accessible, readily available spot in your home. Forever.  And the only thing you need to do to keep up on it is to keep an inbox for your paperwork that gets sorted and cleaned out on a weekly 15-minute basis – or when it gets full to overflowing.

I recommend the former, but, have been known to wait until there is no other choice when life gets in the way – but the system has worked for me for over ten years.  I’m sure it can work for you, too, if you

I get that sorting paper work is not high on the list of things to do when you have a free minute.  But I also get that you are here reading this because you have with not having a place to store your papers, sifting through mounds of paper piles in your home searching for that one envelope that has the.most.urgent.importance. in this moment.  That you would rather be bored to tears putting file labels in place than crying tears of frustration in a frantic hurry on your way out of the door to that one meeting that is everything, but first you need that one.piece.of.paper!

I can help you with the boredom. Pandora. Netflix. Podcasts.

I can help you with the rewards. A great cup of coffee. A candlelit bath time. A movie night and a glass of your favorite beverage.

I can even help you with the systems, the supplies, and the labels.

I can help with the moral support.  I will Skype call with you, walk you through the process – I am giving away 15-minute sessions to those who are ready to get their financial lives in order, who want to know my systems in exchange for some honest feed back, critique of the systems and a chance to be a featured success story on the blog.

Today’s downloads are for the folders that I have added, the Financial Accounts List, Passwords List, and Automatic Drafts List.  These lists are important for estate planning, money dates, annual financial check-ins and overall organization.  They help keep everyone in the house on the same page.

In the event of an emergency, both partners will know how to keep the financial house afloat.

This week, download a copy, save an original, and begin filling out the spreadsheet.

Print and add to your Financial File box.

Tip: I suggest beginning by printing the pages (blank) and then using a pen to fill out any info that you know off-hand.  You can fill in the information as you gather it, the update the file and reprint for your Financial File box.

If you are worried about the safety and security of tracking your passwords, you can password protect the documents, write hints for yourself only (not the actual password), you can use a password software like LastPass.

Email me or comment below to let me know if you are following along, how it’s going, and what I can do to help you along.  Leave me tips or recommendations.

ACTIONABLE STEP: Download Financial Accounts List, Passwords List, and Automatic Drafts List, fill  out the spreadsheets and place in the appropriate folders in your Financial File Box.


Would you like some help getting set up?

Send me an email to become one of my case studies.  If you are chosen, you will receive a free 15 minute session via skype I will help you set up your file box labels to meet your individual circumstances and cheer you on as you sort through your financial paper work, get organized, and take control of your financial systems.


Keep Swimming,