Naturally bent towards saving and interested in earning money from a young age; I was motivated by the freedoms that financial stability offered.  Not so much counting the stacks of money, although, let’s be honest – that is thrilling too! – I am driven by the choices and options that saving money has given me.

I have read hundreds of articles about money; multiple financial and self-help books and listened to thousands of hours of podcasts and am quickly becoming obsessed with online courses. I love to consume content and make small tweaks to my daily life that amount to leaps and bounds over the years.

I compile everything I have learned over the years – and everything I learned yesterday – into digestible, easy to understand financial tips, tricks and encouragement.

I am pursuing a rich, fulfilling life for myself and the people I love on our own individual terms.  We all have our own ideas of a rich, fulfilling, passion-filled life.

What are we all hustling around for?

Live to work another day, to pay bills and die? Not Me.

And, not you either.

You want to have a richer, more fulfilling life on your own terms.

You want to connect with what lights you up and align your money to fuel those sparks. You want to go on a dreamy vacation, and you want your bills to be paid easily – and without having to think about it.

You will devise a plan, and follow it.  Your paperwork is going to be in order, you will be clear on your net worth, you are about to demolish your debts, and put your money to work for you.

No one cares about your money more than you do.  You’re the boss, the CFO of your household.

Get started by discovering your WHY, then sign up for a self-assessment and schedule a free 15 minute zoom session with me to get started.