you make a good living, but you still feel out of control when it comes to your money...

You’re stuck between wanting financial security and knowing you only live once, so why not enjoy the good life while you can?


You spread your cash too thin, trying to do all of the things at once. You spin your wheels but never make much progress.

I’ve been there too. The good news? Once I found my focus, I was able to make real progress.

i'm rachelle

I work with women who want to be good with their money, but are afraid that means not being able to have fun anymore. I help them create a financial safety net, pay off debt, and free up cash so that they can live a life they love.


I promise you— no one cares about your money, your life, or your goals more than you do. So, let’s get to it!


I’m a vision setter, a dream chaser, a goal crusher. I want you to crush your goals, too.


I believe...

that being rich is more about enjoying life and connected relationships than it is about money… but also that the security and peace that comes from a cash cushion can protect from life’s harshest most unpredictable blows.


I started this business...

because I love to connect with smart, ambitious women who are working on what lights them up. Chasing dreams makes my heart tick and I love to jumpstart large, bodacious goals for other women, too.


What lights me up...

is a great conversation, scratching out calculated what if scenarios… with a dark black Sharpie.


I do this work...

because we all work hard for our money and I truly believe we should all get what we *really* want most out of life.

I could...

enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with a friend every day for the rest of my life and never feel like a lush. I get just as much pleasure from reading the craft cocktail menu as I do sipping from a stiff drink.

People often disagree with me...

but I don’t think that money management is boring. Money is the life blood of our dreams and tapping into that potential is what brings those dreams to life. A little thoughtful planning and organized structure goes a long way. Be intentional. Be in control. No one cares about your money more than you do. Act like it.

When I sit down with a new client...

I feel energized. I listen to the daydreams that they dare to speak out loud and my brain synapses start firing about how she can bring her dreams to life. Yes, I want her to set up a budget that works for her, pay off her debt, and know her net worth – but that’s all about laying the foundation to help her live her dreams out loud – in the sunshine – with the wind in her hair.

I love this work because...

the financial habits & routines work if you do! It’s not a plug and play but it is a customized step by step system that lays out a map to take you on a journey of a lifetime. It’s a roadmap to your life’s greatest hopes & treasures.

I truly believe...

that we hold the answers to our most complex ponderings and if we allow ourselves to be still, and listen, if we take our own advice, and trudge through the headspace we will get there. Or damn close. Or in a different spot all together that is actually far better than we ever imagined.

When I'm not working...

you can find me sipping a coffee in my p.j’s until 1 or 2 in the afternoon surrounded by my notebooks, Better Homes & Gardens Magazines, my thoughts, a and a stack of books. You might also find me walking my dog for hours on end with no particular place to go, or making memories with friends and family. Or you might bump into me exploring antique shops, boutique coffee shops, art galleries, museums or historical homes – followed by the local craft breweries or wineries. I love to shop and eat local – especially when in a new city.

If you wanna get to know me...

I invite you to reach out for a connection. We’ll enjoy a glass of Malbec – or a coffee – online and chat. That’s it! No pressured sales talk – just two smart, ambitious women sharing what lights them up and what they’re working on next.

my money story

From the Very Beginning

I was extremely fortunate that my parents talked about money with me and my two sisters. We had a very practical education about how money works from a young age.


My dad has a brilliant mind. His brain is always concocting schemes and plots and thinking outside of the box. The part of me that has notebooks and folders and napkins filled with ideas came from my dad.


My mom was the family’s administrative assistant, and I get the task driven follow through from her.


We were paid an allowance based on the number of chores that we completed. There were also bonuses depending on how ambitious and helpful you were – no complaining or dragging your feet – more money for you!


Three Girls

My dad probably wished for boys. What good farm boy doesn’t want a son to work on tractors, and cars, to man the chainsaws, stack the firewood, and mow the lawn?



My dad didn’t get a son though; he got three girls.



Which meant for us: We knew no gender boundaries. If there was work to be done, we did it.


I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I did often find myself as an adult fascinated by the idea of gender stereotypes.


 Why did people imagine that girls were not interested or incapable of certain tasks? Why was managing money one of them?


Bridging the Gap

I am still perplexed that being in charge of money is a role traditionally reserved for men.


I mean, women are fantastic visionaries and we are able to organize and prioritize important administrative tasks like no one’s business. We can simultaneously tend to each member of the family, recognizing and nurturing unique, individual needs.
If managing money- and enjoying the process – is a foreign concept for you, I’d love to help you bridge the gap.




Work Meant Independence

As a teenager, my parents declared that if I had a job, I could use a car to come and go as I pleased – if I worked at least 40 hours a week.

I had a hard time finding a job that would give me more than a few hours here and there, which is how I ended up working 3 jobs my Senior year in high school. Work meant freedom – and I was all about that.

Ben & Arthur

One day before I left for work, dressed in my grocery store clerk attire, my dad invited me to sit in on a meeting with a financial planner who showed me the Ben & Arthur chart.


Perhaps you have seen this chart? It’s a chart demonstrating how compound interest works. Ben begins investing at age 19 and stops at 26, never to invest again after age 30. Arthur has a slow start and begins at 27 and continues through his whole working career. Ben accumulates more money than Arthur by a long shot.


From that moment on, I knew I would invest in my first ROTH IRA at 18. I was bitten by the bug and never looked back. I’ve fully funded my ROTH every year since, without fail, automatically, before it can be gobbled up by other expenses.



A Girl Becomes A Mama

At nineteen, I became a mother. Contrary to the popular opinion that being a teenage mom is hard, my daughter was the best thing I’ve ever done, my favorite creation of all time.


Having a daughter gave me all the motivation to double down on my efforts to make a better life for her – and for myself, too.


I met a man who already had two sons from a previous marriage. At a young age, we had an instant family. I was determined to give each of our kids everything that they needed and was committed to providing them with love, support, and all of the best opportunities.



The Shopaholic Years

In my twenties, I wanted everything – the upper-middle-class lifestyle that looked so put together and comfortable – you know the one, the one people have worked twenty years for.


Only, I didn’t want to wait for it. I wanted it all, and I wanted it now.


I was a shopper. I would spend my evenings and weekends under fluorescent light bulbs in shopping malls buying high-end clothes for myself and the kids. Buying home decor for the apartment, buying, buying, buying.


So many clothes! So little time to wear them all.


I would pat myself on the back for getting a deal. I scoured the clearance racks like it was an Olympic sport – look how much money I had saved! This one was 80% off and oh! Look at this receipt: I got $740 worth of lingerie for $164!


Semi-Annual sale? I’m looking at you.


The sleek, ceramic top stove on monthly payments, the Honeymoon and wedding rings on monthly installments, in addition to my student loan from Tech School. Where do I sign?


I began collecting monthly bills like it was going out of style. I was addicted to looking the part, of the upper-middle class. Problem was looking like you’ve got money in the bank and actually having money in the bank are two very different things.



The Debt Cure

One day I started a spreadsheet and entered in all of the minimum payments to see how long it would take to pay off all the things we had already accumulated. I was 23 and when I had all of the information gathered, glaring back at me from the laptop screen, I could see that at this rate, I would be 40 when I paid for the honeymoon, the wedding bands, the stove, and my education.


This wasn’t even including all of the things I still wanted – including extravagances like a roof that didn’t leak, a furnace that wasn’t 50 years old, a bathroom shower that didn’t feature a rotted out wooden window sill, a car with air conditioning – and no duct tape. You know, the basics.


I knew it was time to buckle down and get serious about saving.  


The only problem was, by the time I made all of my minimum payments, there was not much left to set aside.


We became followers of a debt-free program the year that we married, in 2003. I drank the Kool-Aid and fell for the debt-free dream hardcore.


Together we lined up our money to the things that were truly important to us, our goals, our values, our priorities. As our income went up and our balances went down… slowly at first. Rapidly at the end.


While I mainly work with women, I also love to work together with couples to guide them through the process of getting on the same page with money. I know that they are strengthening their relationship as they hone in on their dreams. So, if your husband is down for getting on board, bring him along!

Goal Crusher

I’m a goal setter, a goal pursuer, a goal crusher. I want you to crush your goals, too.


Nothing makes me happier.


I’d always said that I would have my house paid for by the time I turned 40. We hit that goal by the time I was 32.


That was the sweet spot, from there we had freed up our income to do a lot of other really cool things including home projects, memorable family vacations, and travel that required a passport.

Intentional Parenting

Opportunities for the kids were prioritized before our own whims. We set the money aside, in advance, to provide purposeful intentions for our children. We knew that the time would come to tend to ourselves, but our time with them was limited.


As a parent, it was important to me that I provide each of the kids with the opportunities and experiences they were interested in. It was expressly important to me that I pass on the work ethic, character building, and financial know-how to make it on their own as adults. My parenting mantra was we aren’t raising boys and girls, but future adults, someone’s mother, or father, husband or wife. My money mantra was, we may never be able to gift them each a million dollars, but if they followed our advice in our footsteps, they could very well end up millionaires in their own rights.

The Art of Love & Money was Born

When the youngest left for college, I had an oddly vacant evening and weekend schedule. I developed a plan to devote my time to my own curiosities. I began by writing a list of things that I wanted to try out.


Every 3 months I wrote a list of 9 things to accomplish in that season. Some were small projects like baking a cake from scratch, and others were longer time commitments, like hand embroidering a flour sack dish towel with modern, contemporary tattoo art, or taking a clay pottery class at the local community college. I began attending the art museum’s Wine & Art events, experimenting with different painting and canvas techniques.


I had become obsessed with podcasts, and started listening to several female entrepreneurial creatives. I didn’t have any desire to run my own business, I just really enjoyed the women and their fire within, their creativity and their drive to serve the world with their passions.


One day my fav female financial podcaster mentioned she was looking for co-hosts. I wrote in. I was invited on the show! I couldn’t believe it. It was so much fun. So fulfilling, so natural.


I decided to start a book club, which also doubles as my “podcast”, a chance to talk to some of the most influential women in personal finance. I also turned the book that I had set on a shelf – unfinished – into a blog. I created a website, and finally began offering one on one money coaching sessions for women, teaching them the exact systems that I have developed to make my dreams come true over the past 20 years.


Along the way, I have become a money mentor, and met the most amazing, generous, creative women.

Life Can be Wildly Unexpected & Cruel Sometimes

I remember sitting and talking to an older woman one day in my early thirties. She was married to my husband’s uncle and she was my favorite story-teller. She had been a young married mother, in a physically abusive marriage, she had been a fiercely independent single-mother when she was able to break free from those chains, she had found love in a second husband who was devoted to her and her kids, too, before he was tragically killed in a plane crash. She considered herself incredibly lucky to have had found love again with my husband’s uncle.


She was wise and experienced, funny and smart. I adored her. I thought, “Oh, Wow. I hope I’m as interesting as she is when I’m her age. She’s lived so many different experiences, had several completely different lives in her lifetime, and she continues to be committed to living her best life – and to love.”


What I didn’t realize at the time, is that in order to have several lifetimes in your life, you have to burn down to the ground and rise up through the ashes of a complete rebuild – several different times.


Be careful what you wish for.


I’ve now lived the “single teenage mom life”, the “happily married mom life”, the “blissfully happy empty-nesters life” and then… at the end of June, 2018, my whole world shattered.


No cause for reconciliation, no chance to work it out.


My marriage was over in an instant.


A complete rebirth was necessary.


So, for the second time in my life, I’ve set out to make a great life for myself and my daughter.

I'm fiercely committed to living an extraordinarily, happy life.

For you, for myself, for my daughter.


We deserve it.

Every single one of us.


One of my favorite things about connecting with smart, and ambitious women seeking a richer, more fulfilling life is hearing about your dreams and your past adventures. You all are an endless supply of inspiration!

Helping You Discover Your “Why”

So, that’s my money story. And I know you have a unique money story to share, too. Tell me about your money history, your beliefs, your dreams and your plans.


I’ll help you discover your “why”; pursue your own financial security and opportunities for your beloved family.


I love my work as a money coach, and every day I’m thankful for the chance I have to make a tangible difference in your unique, individual dreams.


And I’m not gonna lie, being able to connect with you amazing, inspiring women and hearing about your dreams keeps my bucket list overflowing with exciting new discoveries as well…


And now I want to hear all about yours!


To learn more about how I can help you get in control of your finances so that you can live the life you love, check out my Work With Me Page and shoot me an email at

paying it forward

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My Mission

Empowering women through connection

Because I believe educating a woman benefits more than just one person – educating a woman empowers the lives of her entire family – hell the entire community – I am committed to donating 10 % of my profit quarterly to Dress for Success

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.


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