You're a Business Owner Who Wants to Be Smart With Money

You’re focused on your ideal clients and growing your business.

You sense your needs are met and you pay your bills on time. But, when it comes to money, you wonder if you’re making smart decisions. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down.

Your days are jam-packed. You envisioned more time off, and trusting that your money would be there whenever you swiped at the register or scrolled down to click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Hi, I'm Rachelle.

I help life coaches and creative solopreneurs who want to be smart with their money.

They have enough money to meet their needs, but want someone to show them exactly how they can take more money home and feel confident in their financial decisions so they can focus on their craft.

I show them how to make their money work for them so that they can spend more time doing what they love.

Born in a Barn

My parents came from mid-western farm families. With a toddler and a newborn baby in tow, they squirreled away and built a barn on 24 acres of rolling hills surrounded by tress and tall grass. They dubbed this slice of land “Walnut Oaks”.

The plan was to build the barn first, and then a house on the hill overlooking the property. When the recession of the 1980’s hit, inflation skyrocketed and unemployment soared. My dad was a union electrician and his well paying job depended on the economy.

My parents decided to sell their suburban ranch ahead of schedule and turned the barn into a ‘temporary’ home that they still live in today.

I was literally raised in a barn, so if I leave the door open and you must know…

Yes, I was ‘born in a barn’.


You Want It, You'd Better Work

The wood burning stove heated the house, which meant we spent hours taking down dead trees, cutting and stacking wood, and stoking the fire.

By now, we were a family of 5 and there were copious amounts of chores to do.

Tired of fighting to motivate us three girls to join in, my dad designed a chore chart where he paid us one quarter per point.

My sisters and I quickly learned that the more we worked, the more money we’d make. This was our money which afforded us to swap Suave for Pantene, Lucky Brand for hand-me-down-Levi’s, and covered our ticket to the movies and the local roller-skate rink.

The messages were clear:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Hard work creates money.

I Longed For Independence

I scored a job as a waitress at a pizza place two weeks before my 16th birthday.

My parents provided a car for me to drive back and forth to work – a used Pontiac Grand Prix that was minus a windshield and started with a screwdriver in the ignition when it was towed home from auction. I didn’t pay for the car, its maintenance, or gas, but I had to keep a detailed mileage log and paid my ‘rents cents on the mile.

I’m convinced this was my dad’s ingenious way of curbing my run-around before geo-tracking your kids was a thing.

I stepped up my chore chart game to vacuum every room in the house, wash the dishes, and take out the trash daily. I mowed the 1-acre lawn twice a week. I was pulling in $40 a week. Cash money, Baby!

The faster and more efficient I worked, the more dollars I made per hour.

I was hell-bent on getting my freedom. My parents valued work, and I longed for independence. We struck a deal. When I graduated high school, I negotiated to come and go as I pleased as long as I worked at least 40 hours in a week.

I had 3 part-time jobs that totaled 40 hours: taking inventory at a hardware store, working the cash register at a burger joint, and waiting tables at pizza place. I thought I was earning my freedom, but I was also learning to trade my time for money.
On the eve of my 18th birthday, I proudly announced to my parents that I wouldn’t be making curfew. When midnight struck, I’d be ‘an adult’ and I was meeting my 40-hour quota.

The message was clear:

Full-time work = adulthood.

Having My Own Back

I became pregnant that summer.
Thing was, the boy I’d been dating all through high school decided he wasn’t all in, and I decided I wasn’t down for that.

I’d be okay, though. I came from a good family with a stable home. I knew what I wanted to create and provide for myself and my daughter. I knew hard work, where money came from, and how to handle it.

The messages were clear:

It’s all up to you. You’ve got to have your own back.

Live beneath your means and you’ll always have enough.

Arrange the Numbers into Possibilities​

What I didn’t learn about money from my parents, I learned from books to blogs to life’s hard knocks.

I made my money work for me

  • as a single teen mom living in low income housing on public assistance
  • as a working mother and wife raising my family, living on a fixed salary withe benefits
  • as I start over, single for the first time in my adult life
First, I determine what I want, then I research and assign a dollar amount.
Next, I break that number into manageable bits-sized chunks, automate a savings plan and determine an end date.
If it’ll take too long, I look for ways to make more money or cut back in other areas.

A Designer by Nature & by Trade

I’m a designer by nature.

Even as a young girl, I had big visions. I escaped the monotony of manual labor by day dreaming, thoughtfully rearranging the world around me.

As an employee, I’ve worked as a mechanical piping designer doing 3D modeling. I turn millions on little data points from a laser scanner into a retrofit solution for chemical plants, breweries, and distilleries.

As a homeowner, I invest in home maintenance and routine care. I save to splurge on renovations. I thrift on furniture and artwork that highlights and accentuates. I’m choosy about aesthetics, and fanatic about quality.

Managing the Household Finances Like a Boss​

I was living beneath my mean, had paid off all consumer debt – no credit card debt, car payments, student loans, and not even a mortgage by the time I was 32.
I ticked off the home reno’s one by one. I covered the kid’s orthodontia, extracurriculars, school trips, and college costs.
I made exquisite travel arrangements. We had been to Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, and Ireland as well as stateside destinations like Disney World in Florida and the majestic mountains of Colorado. I figured out how we could manage twice-yearly vacations alternating between Europe and the Caribbeans for the rest of our lives. But even then, I’d be longingly staring out the window 215 days a year, 1,827.50 hours, 109,650 minutes.

Happy, Content, and Bored Out of My Skull

In the fall of 2015, I had been living in the same house, working the same job for 15 years.

I was safe in my comfort zone and bored out of my ever-lovin’ mind.

I wanted a new challenge.

Our kids were “adults in training”. My daughter would be leaving for college soon – and then whose dreams and goals and potential would I fret and hover over?

I’d never been an adult living in the world on my own. From the day I left my parents’ home, I had always made my decisions based on what was best for her.

I thought about changing jobs, switching careers, or going back to school, but I had no graduate degree, no other experience, and I was scared.

Making Room for Unfamiliar, Frightening, and Risky​

One day in 2017, I was listening to my favorite money podcast while I cranked out my work. The host shared a link to a commencement speech she had given at her alma mater.

As I listened, my eyes popped open. My heart stopped.

She was speaking directly to me.

“So I challenge you to constantly make room for things that feel unfamiliar, frightening, risky…”

My chest throbbed. Electricity pulsed through me.

When was the last time I had done something unfamiliar, frightening, risky? I had organized and planned my life within an inch, so that nothing could touch me.

The craziest thing happened next. I returned to her podcast intro where the host was inviting applicants to co-host her Q&A Friday episodes. I spent the weekend practicing audio clips. To my complete shock a few days later, I got an invite and a request to send my headshot and bio.

I scrambled to throw it together. I did the episode, and felt the most alive I ever had.

Why had no one ever told me that talking about money with smart, ambitious women was a career choice?!


The Perfect Job Wasn't out There. I Had To Create It.

I bet you did, too. That’s what I love about you.

When I ask creatives and coaches how they got into the work that they do, they often give a self-conscious chuckle in response. The path is curvy and full of missteps, failed classes, and unfinished dreams.

But, what I see is a brilliant, heart-centered mind serving the world in a way that only she can.

I teach coaches and creative solopreneurs how to take more money home and how to feel confident in their financial decisions based not only on the money that they are making, but on what truly matters to them.


Get What You Want

I’ve had clients who’ve done things like install a kegerator in their office, take a family vacation to Paris, or work remotely from London.

My first client is now making double the income in half of the time as she did in her full-time day job – at home with her young son in tow.

One client who was making under $38,000 as a life coach is now making over $300,000 in annual revenue – and is aiming for half a million dollars this year.

Another client who, at 24, felt like it would not possible for her to ever pay off her student loans in her lifetime now has a clear path and an end date that is less than 10 years away. She has hope and room for her future.

You deserve to get what you want out of life. Which, by the way, is most often simple pleasures that don’t cost a thing.

My clients often say if money and time wasn’t an issue for them, they’d spend their Saturday afternoon in a hammock, get their windows professionally cleaned instead of doing their own labor, they’d meditate daily, learn a new language, and enjoy a family dinner followed by a bike rid and a game night.

You could do that now, but are you?


The Value of Working with a Money Coach

What’s holding you back?

Ask yourself, is this story useful to me? Am I getting the results I want?

I can help you identify the thoughts that are keeping you bundled in your security blanket.

My Design Skills, Your Dreams, You Winning at Life

What do you truly want out of life?

Is that where you spend the majority of your time, money, and energy?

If not, why not?



How Do You Get There From Here?

  • I m still on my money journey, I think I always will be.
I can share some of the beliefs that have shifted for me in the last few years.
I used to believe that eliminating debt was always the answer. I now believe that it’s a personal choice. Some of my clients want to pay off all of their debt. Some have a higher risk tolerance and want to leverage their assets. I help them be informed and intentional with their money.
I used to believe that the best money advice was “live beneath your means”. Now I believe our desires are brought to us to grow and stretch us. If you ‘can’t afford it’ now, you can attain it in the future.
Awareness precedes change.
  • Notice your thoughts
  • Determine what results you want
  • Take Action
Dream. Plan. Execute.
You’re lucky. You know that you are capable of massive transformation. You know that you can replicate the system, make it your own, crush it and move on to the next big thing.
You know you can hire a coach and get the speed you need and the ease you can’t even imagine.

Let's Re-Write Your Money Story

Discover how to get what you want from the money you’ve got… and how to create even more. You’re next.